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Spies during the Revolutionary War

Assignment for History

Bailey Tillman

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of Spies during the Revolutionary War

Spies during the Revolutionary War What went on?
How did spies affect the war?
What methods did they use? Spying on Both Sides British vs. Colonists ~Both sides used many methods of secret communication ~Spies were used to get messages to other people without the other side knowing ~Often these secret messages would contain war plans, military moves, and other important information Spies' Roles in the War ~Spies needed to get messages to from point A to point B
. . . without getting caught by the other side ~They carried important messages that, if captured, would give the other side very important information ~If one of the important war messages was caught,
the other side could have gained access to critical military
information. . .possibly changing the outcome of the war Methods of Secret Communication Invisible Ink Used to write secret notes in the margins of "innocent" letters
Used in case letters were caught by enemy
Reciever used fire or acid to show the secret writing Hidden Letter British spies took precautions to conceal their letters
They often fit them into quills, sewed them into buttons, and fitted them into small silver balls
One spy even swallowed a letter, but was forced to throw it up by American leaders Mask Letter The British used a type of secret writing that appears to be unknown to the Americans
These letters were to be read using a "mask" or "stencil"
The letter had to make sense with or without the mask Used by both sides
Disguised Letters
Symbols, Numbers, ect. used in place of words
Reciever had a key to decifer code Secret Code Henry Clinton sent a Mask Letter to John Burgoyne : August 10, 1777 The original letter just talked about casual, unimportant things The reciever would then put this
stencil, or mask, over the letter With the stencil, the letter would
look like this. Now, when read, it would
reveal secret military information. Who were these spies? American Benjamin Franklin Nathan Hale Lydia Darragh British Benedict Arnolds Miss Jenny Ann Bates Sources:
Prezi By: Ellie Hanna Lily Hopkins Erin Baker Bailey Tillman The End Schomp, Virginia. Letters from the Battlefront.
New York: Marshall Cavendish Corp., 2004.
40. Print. Women Spies Women were normally not suspected of being spies
Men thought that they wouldn't know anything about war
This flyer warns navy men to beware of female spies ...Sr. W's move just at this time has been capital... ...Sir. W. Howe is gone to the Chesapeak Bay with the greatest part of the army... Thinking Like a Historian:Through Their Eyes How did people in the past view their world? They viewed it as secretive and most were very loyal to their country How did their worldview affect their choices and actions? They were patriotic so they took big risks for their country to spy and get information. Their world revolved around helping their country win the war. What values, skills, and forms of knowledge did people need to succeed? They needed to know the methods of how to send secret information, they needed to value the side they were on,and needed to know what people acted like on the other side. May 6, 1775
Benjamin Thompson to ? "World of Influence." Revolutionary War: Spies. PBS.org.
2007. Web. 6 April 2011. <http://pbs.org/benfranklin/
13_world_spies.html>. Why were spies important? What could have happened
if the information spies carried
was discovered by the other side? Why was developing new methods for transporting information important? ~Many spies were killed if discovered
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