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A vacation of a Lifetime!

Lauren Black

on 9 March 2010

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Transcript of Saturn

Double click anywhere & add an idea Exploration of Rings: A Vacation of a Lifetime!
3 days of adventure filled fun! Unviersal Travel Agency
This agency was founded in 2010, and is still run by it's original group of highly intelligent people. Universal Agency specializes in Jovian vacations and caters to prestigious and exculsive guests only.

Lauren Black- wind and ice advisor
Amy Johnson- safety advisor
Elliot Jackson- denisty and ring advisor History
Saturn is named after the mythological and roman god of argiculture and harvest.

Itinerary Day 1 Day 2 Feel like flying along the rings made of tiny ice crystals Day 3 Precautions:
Visiting Saturn may cause high blood pressure, headaches, blurry eyesight due to high wind speeds, and frostbite due to extreme cold. Please abide by these rules in order to remain safe.
Safety Materials:
gas masks, wind proof suit, and frost bite appearl
Logo Saturn is surrounded by rings, thus
the foundation of the destination. Parasailing Snowboarding High winds up to 510 m.p.h. Extrememly cold
Avg. Temp. -270 degrees Surfing Hot Air Balloons Most of this planet is made of helium This planet could float in water The luge Enjoy your stay
in Saturn!
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