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Suitable Farm Zone

No description

Farihan Uwaydah

on 10 January 2016

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Transcript of Suitable Farm Zone

Step 5
By using Erase, the buffered polygons can be removed from the favorited zone. Once turned into raster, the hillshade and aspect can be done. Also, a plantation proposal can be executed. In this case, the proposal was directed towards obtaining a defined outline of the farm while keeping it natural, with more privacy.
As the number of the mass populus increases, so does the need for nutritional resources. One way of supporting this positive correlation is through farm. However, a detailed study needs to be done before choosing the location as any hasty decision can lead to harmful consequences.
Step 1
- Dissolve & Select the Baalback district
- Buffer the urban zones, roads & vegetation
Step 2
- Check the historical sites located in Baalbeck area then take their coordinates to Google Earth then proceed with georeferencing.
- Once georeferencing is done, use editor to draw the sites then buffer.
- Validate it alongside the buffers with SDATL
Step 4
- Merge all the buffered criteria
- Erase from the district map
- Through the raster caclulator, add all the reclassified criteria
- Take the result and clip it then turn into a polygon to use in Google Earth to clean a specific zone (drawing polygons on top of any unwanted elements)
- Move those polygons back to ArcMap through KML conversion and buffer
Suitable Farm Zone
- Away from urban zones and highways ≥ 1000m
- Away from rivers, historical sites and natual reserves ≥ 500m
- Away from main roads ≥ 100m
- Slope < 30 degrees
- Elevation ≤ 1600m
- Type of land: Bare land
Step 3
- Create a tin from the contour lines
- Create the surface slope and elevation from the tin
- Reclassify the surface slope and tin
by Farihan Uwaydah
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