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on 24 June 2015

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Transcript of Gaming

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
A First Person Shooter is a type of genre in the gaming market that involves the player being in a first person view.

The most well known FPS game is probably Call of Duty. If you do not know this game then you are clearly an old school gamer. Or have no internet because you're a LOSER.

The idea of an FPS game is making the player run around and shoot people in a first person perspective and either compete to complete a mission or set of goals. For example CS:GO is an FPS where you have 1 life in a 5v5 small map arena to try and win 16 rounds to win.

First person shooters are often simplistic in their nature. It really isn't hard to grasp the concept really. The genre is normally tied in with other complex genres, such as Adventure or Role Playing for example. First person shooters do vary from the type of shooter it is based around, I.E. Skilled or Relaxed. You can have a tactical shooter like Counter-Strike or a more relaxed one like Call of Duty / Battlefield and each game has it's own "feel" to the way they all play. The skill gap in first person shoots can be huge and easily distinguished but It mainly comes down to what type of game and engine the first person shooter is running on.
What is a First Person Shooter?
RTS is a sub-genre of the strategy gaming genre. The main type of gameplay for this genre relieson the Player creating a base and building units to fight either Players or AI.

The game itself would be played on a map or set stage, with objectives set at the beginning of the match. The game itself is "real-time" because all players and/or AI make decisions simultaneously, no matter what, there are no turns or delays within the gameplay (except for any in-game modifications).

The appeal of RTS gaming is the Intellectual aspect of the gameplay itself. This draws people in as it provides more of a challenge than other genre's such as First-Person Shooters, although the story of most RTS's is quite linear and not as flexible and diverse as genre's such as RPG's.
Real-Time Strategy
StarCraft 2
The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
In role-playing games the player controls a character or a party of characters. Over the course of the game, the characters develop and improve their abilities, and the player can control what these skills are.

For example in Skyrim, the player has a lot of choices of what they want to do. There are a lot of side quests and plot lines the player could follow. They could follow the main storyline, or they could improve their stealth or magic skills by becoming an assassin or a mage.
Role-Playing Games
Jack Somerville [] Harry Jenkins [] Sean Parsons
Steve Fulford [] Shane Hazelwood
Jamie McDonald

A simulation is trying emulate a real life situation. These types of games are useful for trainee exercises and for fun. Normally simulation games allow free movement with no limitations on player movements. So how you play the game determines when you reach the end or not. So in ARMA 3 there are missions to reach a certain point on the map and how you get to those point is up to the person who is playing. Each time the mission is set up then the mission will alter slightly so you are not aware of the enemies that are going to be ahead of you.

Horror Genre
Resident Evil 4
Mount and Blade: Warband
Adventure Games
The adventure genre is predominantly based around the style of traveling and searching a landscape or a set area. This normally involves a storyline that can be either dictated or driven by the player. The game which I have decided to discuss in this document was created by Tale Worlds Entertainment and Paradox Interactive, and is part of a series called Mount and Blade, and is called Warband.

The aim of this game is to either conquer Calradia or help one of the six factions conquer Calradia. The game involves political and combat mechanics, you can go from fighting in the field with the recruits that you have hired from the villages of Calradia, to declaring war or creating peace with another faction,whilst being behind the walls of the castle that you have besieged and taken for your right to rule.

the 6 factions are based on real life warriors from the past, some of these involve the Mongols,Vikings and the English Empire. The key feature for this game is that the possibilities for modding are endless, this allows the user to create a whole new adventure, including new characters, styles of play, weapons and so on...this is all done using the game engine, thus making this game (in my opinion) one of the best adventure series created, for the reason that you can, in a sense, create your own adventure.
The Horror Genre has been around since the 1980s.
The main objective of a horror game is to make the player scared.
even though that horror games are made to scare people there are other genres of horror games.
There are survival horror, jump scare and many more.
Harry Jenkins
Jamie McDonald

ARMA 3 there are missions to reach a certain point on the map and how you get to those point is up to the person who is playing. Each time the mission is set up then the mission will alter slightly so you are not aware of the enemies that are going to be ahead of you.
ARMA 3 is the latest game in the range and started off in Alpha so it was playable while it was developing this help fund the developers but at the same time gave the customers a chance to play the game. Also why it was in alpha you got the game much cheaper but still you got all the versions of the game and the finial version.

Dayz is the main mod for ARMA 2. DAYZ is a free roam survival game where you have full access to map and can go anywhere to gather supplies to survive e.g. food, drink and weapons all of these items are around the map and some items in the game can be hard to get. In Dayz the only thing to worry about is the players waiting around the map often you will get killed unless you get a lucky start on the game. The main item on the game is a weapon so you can defend yourselfs from other players.
ARMA 2 was released in 2009 and a year after the release ARMA 2 operation Arrow Head was released with new content and ARMA2 OA was used for the popular mod DAYZ.
Jack Somerville
Shane Hazelwood
Shane Hazelwood
Star Point Gemini 2 is an early access game available from steam. The current stage of the game is Beta this means that the current price has increased slightly accounting for the new developments in the game. All early access games increase in price when the game increases in its development so typically your better of getting it early.

Shane Hazelwood
What are my top three horror games at the moment are:
Adventure Games

Resident Evil 4,
Amnesia Machine for Pigs
and Dead Island 2.

An adventure game is where the player assumes the role of a protagonist. The story is interactive and involves exploration and puzzle solving. Because of this Genre being so heavily based on the storyline, this allows game developers to create stories from already created films/books. Almost every single adventure game is single player, because of how heavily it is orientated around the story, however there is normally a large amount of interaction within game characters. And i believe the best game that will describe this style is Bioshock Infinite.

Your character is Booker Dewitt, he is a mercenary that has been hired by an unknown source to "bring us the girl and wipe away the debt," with this character there is a very diverse way of controlling him, not only do you have an arsenal of weapons to use on your path to save the girl, but you also have powers that can be used against enemies, one of these powers is called Undertow, this allows the player to use a stream of water to grab hold of an enemy and pull him toward Booker, to then throw the enemy away. the weapons that you can use range from revolvers to chainguns to sniper rifles and so on.

Because this game has been made entirely for single player, you will be able to understand the depth they have went to for the detail, not only in the graphics, but with the game-play and the engine itself; the game is almost like one motion, with the feeling of nothing ever stopping, giving you the feeling of a fast paced yet relaxed gaming experience.
Bioshock Infinite
The RTS genre can be composited with others to create games with aspects of each genre.

Games created under the basis of combined genre's will have a Main Genre with under-lying features brought in to improve gameplay as a whole for the user.

Certain genre's that go well with RTS include simulation, Sci-fi, Medieval, First-Person Shooters and Third-Person shooters under certain cicumstances, etc.
Command & Conquer Franchise
Assetao Corsa
Shane Hazelwood
One of the more prominent RTS franchises of the past 15 or so years is the Command and Conquer series. The series follows similar processes in the way each is designed.

Each game has 2 or more competing "Factions" that are vying for control over the Earth. There are multiple paths that the populace of Earth have diverged down based around different sub-series of the C&C franchise, these include the original series, also called the Tiberium series, which is based off of a less realistic future for the earth. The other variants include the Red Alert universe and the Generals Universe, with the Red Alert series being based around the Cold War of America and the USA where war has actually broke out. Generals is based off of a 3-way power struggle between the US, China and a terrorist group called the GLA.
Counter Strike : 1.6, Source and Global Defensive
Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun
Command & Conquer: Generals: Zero-Hour
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3
All of the C&C franchise's RTS style games have very similar layouts and gameplay styles (base building, unit creation, etc).

Each one of the RTS style games will include
in-game; a mini-map in real-time, a construction bar showing units and buildings (with tabs to swap between set groups/types of units), a counter for the players credits (currency) and also a frequent occurrence is the power bar, the power bar shows how much power your base is generating and how much it needs (the style can change depending on the game in question).

In essentially all of the games, the player can choose between multi-player and single-player, single-player gameplay can varydue to in-game objectives and events changing each mission, whereas multi-player gameplay invloves building up your base and creating units to destroy an opposing players base, while building defense's to protect your own base.
Global Offensive
Counter Strike has been a well known FPS. It was first created in 1999 and was out 4 years before the massive franchise of Call of Duty begin to come out. Counter Strike has always been considered to be one of the best FPS tactical shooters out on the market.

The game consists of a 5v5 arena map and normally is split into three lanes and have small connections in between each lane. Also each player only has one life at the beginning of each new round. The first team to reach 16 rounds will win the game or can be tied at 15-15 and may go into overtime which is either first to 6 more rounds or 4 more rounds. This will go until a winner is decided.

Money: After each round you will be allocated money on which you use to buy equipment such as guns, armor and grenades to try and allow you to win each round. The better the weapon the more expensive it will be to buy. For example the AK-47 is $2700 and the AWP (Sniper) is $4750. This game requires players to control their econmy with teamates otherwise you can really hurt how many rounds you'll be able to win due to lack of equipment.
Released 1999
Released 2004
Released 2012
Aspects of Role Playing Games
Gamemodes (competitive) : Defuse & Hostage Rescue

Defuse is the most played competitive gamemode for Counter Strike as it involves the Terrorists having to take a bomb and plant it on either A or B. If they manage to get the bomb down on either of the sights then the Counter-Terror team must retake the sight and defuse the bomb within 35 seconds of the plant.

Hostage Rescue is the least played competitive mode as it requires the Counter-Terrorists to take at least one hostage to the evacuation zone. This gamemode is different in 1.6/source compared to Global offensive as you carry the hostage in Global Offensive compared to 1.6 and Source.

The maps (DE = Defuse, H = Hostage)
De_dust, De_Dust2, De_Aztec, De_Mirage, De_Inferno, De_Nuke, De_Train, De_Cache, De_Season, De_Cobblestone, De_Overpass, De_Vertigo, H_Assualt, H_Italy, H_Office and H_Militia.
- They place an emphasis on storyline and character development. Over the course of the game you can level up their abilities and over the story the events strengthen their character.
- They can have real-time or turn based combat.
- They usually have larger worlds, although some can be more linear and others incorporate an open world map.
Call of Duty Franchies
Starcraft 2
Cod 1
Cod 2
Cod 3
Cod 4
Cod MW1
Cod BO1
Cod MW3
Cod BO2
Cod Ghosts
Cod Advance Warfare
Supreme Commander 2
Adventure Games
Mafia II
Supreme Commander is an RTS series that puts the player into the action themselves. The player is put into the combat as more than just a "commander", they are given a giant mech to control,known as to "ACU" or Armored Command Unit., which is a single, irreplaceable construction unit.

In the game, there are 3 factions, The United Earth Federation (UEF), The Cybran Nation and The Aeon Illuminate.

The main story for the game is the idea that these 3 factions are all involved in an ongoing war known as "The Infinite War" which has spanned for a millennium. This war was caused due to the factions difference of opinion on the future of humankind, but every faction is struggling in some way.
Dead Island 2
Dead island is a action, survival horror game based on the idea that there was a zombie out break and there are survivers on an island.
Cod MW2
Call of Duty is mainly focused as a online multiplayer game that does also have single player campaign. Call of Duty is normally released every year from either Treyarch or Infinity Ward (Now Sledgehammer Games). Each Installment comes out around November time and get insane sales due to being such a well known franchise and successful label. Call of Duty really took off when Cod4 was introduced by Infinity Ward and it really pushed the boat in technology back then and really took a huge step forward from Cod3 to Cod4.
Sean - Adventure
Jack - Strategy
Jamie - RPG
Shane - Simulation
Steven - Horror
Harry - FPS
"The UEF is stretched far too thin, the Cybrans are hopelessly outnumbered and outgunned, and the Aeon Commander in Chief (called the Avatar of War) is stirring unrest amongst the Illuminate."

The war focuses on each factions desired use of the UEF's super weapon known as "Black Sun": The UEF wants to destroy the core worlds of the other nations, The Cybran Nation wishes to destroy the "quantum gate network" to free their brethren from UEF slavery and the Aeon Illuminate wish to use it to broadcast a message of peace to the other nations. The player will select which faction to play at the start of the game.
How it runs/Plays:

Call of duty is a fast pace 6v6 action filled
game with players constantly running and gunning. This game was extremely fun to play however over time and as more came out that fun slowly dissipated and became rather dull... I personally lost interest when Black Ops was introduced as I found it was extremely boring and not that challenging. However the game itself had some really good mechanics such as the money system. By far in my opinion the best idea they've had. A shame they got rid of it.
Search and Destroy
Team Deathmatch
Free for All
Capture the Flag
Ground War
Team Tactical
Hardcore Vaitents:
Search and Destroy
Team Deathmatch
Free For All
Team Tactical
On top of all the beautiful scenery, storylines and the gameplay of adventure games, there is one part that is usually remembered out of everything within the game/s classed under this genre....and that is the soundtrack. The reason why this is such a large part of games (especially adventure games) is because it creates atmosphere for each section of gameplay, if there was no soundtrack then it would create an eerie setting, which is what most horror games do, however when it comes to adventure games it is all about the atmosphere; there is no other game (in my opinion) which has a better soundtrack than Mafia II.

Mafia II is set in the 1940's to the early 1950's and is based on the Italian Mafia, the location for this is a mixture of New York, Los Angles, Detroit, Boston and Chicago. The selection of weaponry, vehicles and clothing within this game is incredible, and really adds to the feel of the mafian lifestyle. When it comes to historical accuracy then Mafia II is un-questionable, even some of the events that the protraganist comes across are based on real life events and situations that happened when the mafian families were running the larger cities.
Star Point Gemini 2 is an early access game available from steam. The current stage of the game is Beta this means that the current price has increased slightly accounting for the new developments in the game. All early access games increase in price when the game increases in its development so typically your better of getting it early.

Battlefield Franchise
BF 2141
Battlefield is a well
known franchise along
side with Cod, However
Battlefield is known to people
but it is never as successful in sales compared to COD.

Battlefield is a 32 vs 32 PVP action packed ground, armor and air combat in massive maps that consist of non-stop pushing for flags, MCOM's and flags and chain links. The game is really fast paced when you play with 32v32 game modes and smaller maps as it is extreemly hetic and no stop action. However it can get a little too overwhelming at some points but for the majority of it the maps are designed with these numbers of players in mind.
Praise be unto GabeN
For the gameplay of Supreme Commander, you play with a single view, but this can be switched between say the main view, and the map, by zooming in and out in-game.
The Gamemodes
Chain link
Carrier Assualt
Team Deathmatch
Squad Deathmatch
Squad Rush
Capture the Flag
Air Superiority
Battlefield is differnet to most titles as it delivers fast pace and also crazy action with air, ground and water combat. Each role in the game have a purpose and not a particular class is over powered. However it is hard to balance a game that has so many weapons, attachtments and field upgrades, ground vehicles and air vehicles.

There are a healthy amount of game modes and it also allows people to not get bored of one game mode. However some gamemodes are better than others
Starcraft 2 is one of the most ppular rts' out at the moment. This can be partially based on the extreme skill level of the top players in the world (there is an extreme skill curve for games such as Starcraft 2). It is the sequel to the 1998 game, "Starcraft". It was also the fastest selling rts at the time of it's release with over 3 million sales in the first month.

The game has both singleplayer and multiplayer elements. The singleplayer story involves three races; The Protoss, The Terrans and Zerg. The campaign carries on from the orginal game, bringing back old characters, including the main character "Jim Raynor" (The person who shows up on most of the games backgrounds).
In terms of the gameplay, it is very similar in style to the Comand & Conquer series, although it is by design capable of more complex playstyles.

Starcraft 2 gameplay invlolves the same base construction, defense and offense as other major rts', but it has a heavy reliance on micromanagement and macromanagement, with top level players able to perform hundreds of actions in extremely short spaces of time
Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil 4 is another type of horror game but is more of a survial horro while keeping the scare factor of a jumpscare game.

Amnesia Machine for Pigs
Amnesia Machine for pigs was defenity not the same game that the first game, Amnesia The Dark Decent. This game a very different, its got the jump scare factore that was also in the first game. however the scare factor isn't the same since it is the same type of game, another reason why this game wansn't as scary as it's predecessor was becuase the fans of the game know when the games is going to be scary due to playing the previous game and games like that before.
however the game is still a scary game due to the dark atmosphere in the game and the slow creepy msuic that is playing in the background.
This game consits of three different stages. The first stage is in a desolate village, ravenged by the pillagers . The seccond stage is bassed within a old castle ran. The third and final segment to the game happens on an island.

The main point of this game is to survive, save the presidents daughter and try and escape from the area that you are in.

Assetao Corsa is a realistic alpha racing game. The game is currently cheap while it is in alpha but with any game while it’s in alpha you will have to put up with lack of content and the possibility of errors cropping up as the game develops further but the company will always fix these issues with regular updates and typically you shouldn’t find to many bugs.
The game is trying to create a realistic racing experience. So what make the game feel realistic is the limiting factors inside of the game. Examples of limitations are:
• The ability to limit fuel so you can set this to low figures to mess around with how many laps you can do before you run out of fuel.
• You get slowed down if you go on the sand and get time penalties the longer you are on the sand.
• Impacting with other players and objects damages the vehicle the more damage you take the more likely your car will break down.

The Dead Island Series is known for its horrer scene but it's more on the gory side of game, more blood then jump scares. This is more of a game that is played by people who like to kill things than get scared. It's more of a Left For Dead with more gore.
Along with this being a horror game it is also a survival game, were you can find items like a baseball bat and a box of nails to make a deadly weapon
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