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How to Make a Prezi

Short how-to for Prezi, Presented at SIT 2013

Josh Carrington

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of How to Make a Prezi

Starting and adding content Images, Video, and PowerPoint Adding And Changing Text How to make a Prezi While there are paid versions of Prezi, for anyone who isn't using Prezi in a fully business environment, they can use the FREE version. What all can Prezi do?? In general, Prezi helps to present ideas through an easy to use program making your work look nice and professional.
Import slides from PowerPoint
Import images of your own, or straight from google
Import videos of your own or straight from YouTube When you open your Prezi, it will normally ask you what Template you want to use.
There are two ways that you can go about making your Prezi
1. Choose your Template now and fill in the blanks provided
2. So now we have decided weather or not we are going to start out with a Template, what about now??? Click anywhere on the screen to add content Choose your type of text, Title, Subtitle, or Body Make text or Increase/Decrees Indent Change alignment Bullets Change the Color After you have the text typed... The text can be moved and re-sized easily without opening the editor for the text. To open the editor, you can double click on the text or click once and select "Edit Text." Move Increase in size Decrease in size Go to Prezi.com Choose Your Prezi License Make your Prezi
account Click New Prezi How to Start With Prezi Template Larger Smaller Images To insert images, either look for them in Google images, or have them saved to your computer... From Computer From Google Click on "Images" at the top of the screen and then click "from file." Another window should pop up showing the contents of your computer, find your image you want to insert Click on "Images" then select "from Google images," this box should show up...
Type in your search, press Enter and your results should show up... to look through the images use your mouse scroll to go through the images. Videos To insert videos, either look for them through YouTube, or have them saved to your computer... From Computer From YouTube Click on "Media" the, just like inserting images, you select "from file" and find your video in the next box that opens To insert videos from YouTube, you must first have the link to the video, you get the link by finding the video in plain YouTube, going to share, and copying the link given.
After you have the link, you go to "Media" and select "from YouTube." Then, past the link into the box. Click on "Insert." Shapes To insert shapes, click on "Shapes." There are many things to select from here.
The "Symbols" takes you to lots of different pictures to insert into your Prezi. PowerPoint To insert a PowerPoint, first click "PowerPoint" at the top. In the window that opens, select your PowerPoint. Within Prezi a sidebar will open, when it is done uploading your PowerPoint you have options on how you want to insert it. You can drag and drop one a or you can select insert all. If you select insert all... another box opens up asking on details, if you insert all, prezi can automatically put the PowerPoint into a template Frames A frame is the equivalency of a PowerPoint slide. It is how you go from place to place within your Prezi To add a frame, click on "Add Frames" at the top. This opens a box to choose what type of frame you want to insert The top one, Add frame, adds a frame that is the same size as the one that you currently are looking at. They second, Layouts..., opens another window that allows you to add frames that act as a small template, they have more interesting frames with more detail in it The last four, are dray your own size, they are the shapes shown next to the word Draw Path and Animation A path is the order that your frames will be shown in, the order of your slides.

To Create/Edit your Path, click on Edit path in the left hand tool bar. For anything you want to add to your path, you click on it, to rearrange the order, you drag and drop in the left hand column... Anything can be in your path, pics, and word boxes included The only Animation that Prezi has is for things to fade in on a click.

To add animation, have edit path turned on, have the frame you want to add animation to, then click on the star next to it's number. A box should open up showing the frame, click on things in the order you want them to appear. Click Done. Presenting, New, Save, and Undo/Redo In the upper right hand corner of the prezi, there are options to invite others to watch Prezi, settings, help, print, as well as save and close. This box is located in the Upper left hand corner For any of the inviting others to watch/edit your prezi, they have to have their own Prezi account and have them go to the link that Prezi gives you. Downloading & Changes... Downloading Prezi has the option to download your finished Prezi so you can use it if internet is not available
Save and Exit
Click Download
Follow instructions...
In the download box click run
In the folder that it saves, double click on the application
Select Extract
When done, go back and double click on the application Changes... Unfortunately... Prezi has updated and changed some of their layout. Most is the same except the top tool bar, it has been grouped into tabs... Very self explanatory.
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