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College Stress

No description

Johnathon Flint

on 19 April 2018

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Transcript of College Stress

College Stress
What Kinds of College Stress
Unfamiliar environments
Living among strangers
Heavy Course loads & Work schedules
Exams & Grade performance
Romantic relationship
Financial expenses
New levels of independence
Lost of a love one
Home sickness
Time managment
Effects of Stress
Increased hate rate & blood pressure
Muscle tension
Stomach aches
Binge or reduced eating
Drug or alcohol abuse
Decreased sex drive
Erratic sleep habits
Memory Loss
Loss of Concentration
Negative Outlook
Stress Disorders
General anxiety disorder
Sleep disorder
Substance abuse
Chronic muscle pain
Family Stress
Parent or
guardian expectations
Loss of a love one
Work Stress
Work hours & Earnings
Relationship Stress
Scheduling issues

Suicidal ideations
Compulsive drug or alcohol abuse
Social withdrawal & isolation
Physically violent outbursts
Uncontrollable crying or emotional outbursts
Panic attacks
Chest pain
Getting Help
Know where you can go to get help whenever you need it at any given time like: the Wellness Center, your counselor, adviser, teacher, a friend or friends, or just someone you can trust.
Stress effects us all in different ways. There are good stress & bad stress. How you deal w/ stress is all up to you. You need to know where all you can go to get help if you ever need it 24/7, from a friend or maybe even a complete stranger (but be safe while w/ the stranger). If you can handle your stress then good for you but if you cannot, then get help when you are feeling stress out.

Things you can do to relieve your stress
Get away from what is stressing you out
Going hiking, fishing, camping, swimming, ect.
Go exercising
Watch a movie, a show, or a series on Nextflix
Hang out w/ family & friends: boy/girlfriend or just friends
Play some games
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