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Mythological influences on Modern Society

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Jessica Dalton

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Mythological influences on Modern Society

Mythological Influences on
Modern Society Let's Take a Deeper Look at Many things ranging from City/State Names
to Restaurants and Movies! What has been
Influenced by
Mythology? City/State Names This is the Greek constellation Scorpius, the scorpion. It contains a bright star, Antares, that is part of the scorpion's tail. To the ancient Greeks, Scorpius was related to the death of the hunter Orion. Also Influenced by mythology is
the Sky, Constellations, and Stars. Aurora - Roman name for Eos, goddess of the Dawn; Clothing line.
Hermes - Olympian Herald and Messenger god; popular brand of soap. Also, the FTD flower delivery company incorporates Hermes and his winged heels in their logo. The Hermes Boutique, Hermes Winery, Hermes Financial Group, Hermes Records and Hermes Hotel .
Nike - Winged goddess of Victory, who can run and fly at great speeds; Nike Shoes/Apparel
Venus - Roman for Aphrodite, goddess of beauty and love; Venus is the name of a famous beauty product company; Venus International is a popular beauty talent agency; Venus Tan Lines is a swimsuit manufacturer; Venus Razor is a popular women's shaving accessory; and Venus Beauty Salon is found in most any city or town...
Trident - The three-pronged spear of Poseidon, god of the seas; Trident Gum is a popular gum. You'll also find Trident Micro systems, Trident Sports and Trident Diving Accessories. Companies and Groups have also been Influenced by/ Named after
Mythology too. Other things influenced by
Mythology. Asparagus
Olive Oil
Food Influenced by Greek Mythology http://thanasis.com/modern/






http://www.mythweb.com/hercules/index.html Work Cited Orion, the Hunter, is by far the most famous seasonal constellation. No other is more distinct or bright as this northern winter constellation. The famous Orion's Belt makes the hunter easy to find in the night sky. "The Spartans" Michigan State University
"The Vulcans" California University of Pennsylvania
"The Trojans" University of Southern California
"The Titans" Indiana University The Olympic games which are held every four years come from the Greek practice of the same event Morphine, a pain reliever administered daily to patients in hospitals around the world, can be traced back to mythology because its name is derived from the Greek God of Sleep, Morpheus. Any internet user has been victim of a Trojan Virus at some point in time or another; few people know that the name of these viruses was taken from the myth of the Trojan Horse, which was used to infiltrate Troy's defenses during the Trojan War. Achilles Last Stand by Led Zeppelin: According to myth, Achilles was dipped in the river Styx to make him immortal. His mother held him by the heel, however, leaving it vulnerable. Paris killed him in the Trojan War by hitting him in the heel with an arrow Athens, the capital city of Greece, is named after the goddess Athena:
There is a city named Athens in Georgia, Ohio, Indiana, Alabama, Maine, New York, Tennessee, Texas, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Michigan, and Illinois.

Athena's Roman equivalent was Minerva:
There's a town called Minerva in Ohio, New York, and Kentucky

Apollo was another Olympian, the god of music and light. Named after him is:
Apollo and North Apollo, Pennsylvania; Apollo Beach and Apollo Annex, Florida; Apollo Theater, Chicago; and Apollo Theater, New York.

There are many more places in the U.S. named after mythology:
Hercules, California; Medusa, New York; Sparta, Mississippi; Troy, Michigan; Vulcan, West Virginia; and Neptune City, New Jersey.
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