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patience lovell wright

No description

beau marshall

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of patience lovell wright

Patience lovell wright was born on long island,NY in 1725.Patience made molding faces out of putty dough and wax. At age 4 she moved to bordentown,New jersey and was raised with a quaker upbringing.

Patience was soon hired as a revolutionary spy (for the americans).Patience sent British secrets and plans to the american army through wax figures. The wax figures were sent to her sister and were shipped to America. Without patiences presence the american side would not have won the war.

Patience did not want to die in British territory so she moved to London. Patience died in 1786,march 23rd London United kingdom.

After Josephs, death Patience had one more child.With the help of a neighbor patience and her sister (Rachel)opened a wax studio in Philedelphia. She sculpted a british admiral by the name of Richard Howe. After her dicovery Patience was known as a "promethean molder".

1. Patiences family never wore leather
2. Her final child was born a few days after Josephs death
3. When Patience was in the revolutionary war, her boss was Benjamin franklin.
At age 20 Patience ran away to marry a man named joseph wright.Together joseph and patience had 7 children.A few years into marriage, Joseph passed away and left Patience alone with 7 children.
life as a spy
"promethean molder"
This is are presintation
on Patience Lovell wright.

patience lovell wright
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