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Living a life of vitality

No description

Samara Al-Mfarej

on 19 February 2016

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Transcript of Living a life of vitality

What made you want to be healthy?
I decided to be healthy because ,I was underweight in most of my middle school/high school years. When I went for a yearly check up, my doctor said that I had a very weak immune system and I need to get healthier and start working out, or else I can catch illnesses very quickly and that's dangerous for my body.
What is the best part about being fit?
The best part about being healthy is feeling good about my body and having a higher self-esteem . Before I was discouraged and too afraid to do anything risky,now I love trying to challenge myself and take risks. It also gave me more energy and made me a lot stronger, physically.

Living a life of vitality
The state of being strong and active; energy.

My Definition
How does being fit effect things you do everyday?
I do things with more effort and I feel more energetic. Before I used to step out of big opportunities and avoid riskiness ,now I am more open and would love to challenge myself for better opportunities.
I think its good to start of with something you love ,so you can get encouraged , but if you don't really like anything I think you should start with something easy. You can start with jogging or even just fast walking. But remember to always stretch before any workouts.
What's your favorite workout?
I like.......
What is your opinion on protein shakes?
I think protein shakes are a waste of money
Vitality means living a healthy life,eating well and working out. It also means being happy and living in a positive environment. Being cheerful about your life and feeling saticfaction .
Even though they are (most times)
effective ,they don't give you the satisfaction you get from actually exercising . They also have a lot calories , which means that they might be healthy in one way but also very unhealthy in another way .

What things do you try to avoid eating?
My eating habits aren't very tight ,but I do try to eat more natural mixes and foods. I avoid anything with high trans and saturated fats , since they are the most unhealthy type of fat. I also try to reduce my consumption of calories . Sometimes it seems impossible because every food ,these days has to have their fair share of calories but i try my best .

Do you think working out or eating healthier helped you more?
I think that both of them together helped me the most. I believe that if you work out but you don't eat well you won't get the best of it , and you wont be very happy with the results. If you work out and eat healthy you will get the best of it and probably reach your goal.
Do you have a role model?and if you do who is it?
Yes I do have a role model. My role model was my recent volleyball coach . She was always encouraging my team to practice and eat better for better results. Even after I stopped volleyball it became a habit to work out and eat better.

What work -out helped you the most?
I think that any exercise can be effective if you do it frequently,but the most effective one for me is swimming. When I swim I use my whole body (my arms ,my legs , my head and my stomach). That means it's a work out for the whole body instead of doing separate exercises for every part of my body.
She was my motivation
Hope You Enjoyed!
My sister

you should also try other things insead of stick to one thing
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