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Csc 124 final

No description

Devin Aloia

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Csc 124 final

Double click anywhere & add an idea Aloia Diesel Perfomance
Devin Aloia
Csc 124 What We Do.
Engine rebuilds
Performance upgrades
PA State Inspections
In house dyno
Custom machine work
Any other custom work
Engine Rebuilds
We will rebuild anything from your stock diesel pickup to your pulling truck. We also do Cat, Cummins, Detroit, and many more rebuilds. We do engines for off road and on road vehicles and from stock daily driver to wild performance machine.
Performance Upgrades
For performance we do complete engines and bolt on parts. We offer a full line of turbos, fuel systems, programmers, and parts such as clutches and transmissions.
PA State Inspection
We have our inspection licenses for cars, trucks, tractor trailer trucks, and motorcycles. In House Dyno
We have a dyno room were we can run just about everything. We can run cars, trucks, tractor trailer tucks, and just bare engines. Our dyno can support up to 2000 horse power.
Custom Machine Work
We have a complete CNC shop
were we can CNC just about
anything. From complete engine
blocks to a small cover plate. We
can do one off custom work along
with our regular work. We make
custom ladder bars and pulling hitches.
Custom Work
We can also do just about anything you can think of when it comes to diesel vehicles. From custom tube frames to one off turbos and anything in between. We are always interested in making something new as well so just come and see us with your idea and we will see if we can help you out
Products We Carry
For More Info on these parts go to
forums.dieselpowermag.com or www.dieselbombers.com
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