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Big Red

No description

Caleb Hamerlinck

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Big Red

Big Red
By: Jim Kjelgaard

The story takes place place in the past at the Wintapi in Canada.
Inciting Force
The conflict kicks off when Big Red goes after a bird and Danny gets mad at him because he wants him to hunt other things that are more dangerous.
The climax of the story is when Big Red fights Old Majesty a big bear in the Wintapi and Big Red defeats him.
The main characters in this story
was Danny Pickett, Mr. Haggins,
Ross Pickett, Big Red, and Sheilah.
Danny is the main character in this
story and the main relationship is
him and Big Red trying to survive
in the Wintapi together.
Rising action 1
The conflict in this story is Danny and Red
want the Wintapi safe. So they try to keep
things like bears and wolverines away from
the Wintapi.
One rising action at the
beginning of the book is
when Danny gets Red from
Mr. Haggins the owner of the dog.
Rising act
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