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Peter Lane

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Year 9 Surreal Exhibition What will happen?
You will create an exhibition space to display
your surreal project, this will show:
your work.
a piece of writing describing your project.
possibly some research pages. your space will be attributed to you, will display your name and showcase the effort you have put in this year. You each have a surreal gallery space, what ideas could you develop to make your space more interesting? ideas must:
relate to your project.
be achievable (time and materials)
promote your gallery space. (think about presentation) In groups brainstorm your ideas! LG: To understand how we can create an exciting surrealist exhibition from our recent studies You will develop exciting ideas for the exhibition and show understanding in developing your surreal projects effectively considering time and materials. To be succesfull: Task Sheet one Create a poster, inviting people to see your surrealist exhibition.

1. Find relevant references and pictures relating to your surreal project that you may need.

2. Use these to create your poster thinking about what materials you will use, what text you will use and how it promotes your own surreal work.

3. Consider your resources carefully, are they practical to draw?

4. Think about surreal elements: juxta position, scale, dreamlike imagery etc.
Task Sheet two Create a Banner for the exhibition in the style of your surreal project. 1. You will create a banner that contains the letters from the words Surrealism or Exhibition, you can focus on three letters from either.

2. You may choose to create your lettering in the style of your surreal artist, for example if you are studying Dali, your letter 'O' may be in the form of a melting clock.

3. Think about what materials you will use, will they be painted, hand drawn, pencil coloured? etc. Task Sheet 3 Create a surrealist collage relating to your chosen area of study.

1. Collect the images from magazines, newspapers, internet etc that you may need.

2. Create your collage thinking about juxtaposition, sense of gravity, scale and non-sequiter. Su surrealist tasks
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