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Chapter 3: Media Relations

Summary of Chapter 3, Public Relations Case Studies

Natalie Herman

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Chapter 3: Media Relations

Chapter 3 Media Relations Research Objectives Programming Evaluation Summary Programming Cont. Client Research
Practitioner should be familiar with background data about the client or organization.
Opportunity or Problem Research
Is it because the opportunity presented itself OR a problem has occurred?
Audience Research
Who is your audience? Impact Objectives
Outcomes of modifying the attitudes and behaviors of targeted audiences
Output Objectives
Efforts made by the practitioner on behalf of the client Theme and Messages
Program themes should be included in the messages sent to the media outlets
Actions or Special Events
The use of actions on the part of the client and the staging of special events assume special importance in media relations.
Uncontrolled Media
Major vehicles for reporting client news to media representatives
Examples: News Releases, News Conferences, Photographs, Media Interviews Controlled Media
Examples: Media Kits, Background Sheets, Fact Sheets, Photos with Captions, and Printed Materials
Effective Communications
"Two Step Flow" Evaluating Impact Objectives
Assessing the exposure of the message in the media
Evaluating Output Objectives
Distributing uncontrolled media to outlets, being responsive to media inquires and coordinating interviews. Essentially, media relations involves establishing a favorable working relationship between PR practitioners and journalists representing appropriate mass and specialized media.
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