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Gifted Girls

No description

Shannon Morris

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Gifted Girls

Gifted Girls Characteristics of
Gifted Girls Influences of
Gifted Girls Programs Gifted girls have the ability to be
successful but education does not always
help. It is important to keep in mind the
ways to help gifted girls to succeed. Learning Environments Affective Characteristics Cognitive Characteristics According the textbook, girls are expected to be docile and to conform. The feminine characteristics include cheerfulness, affectionate, compassionate, warmth, understanding, and shyness. Girls are believed to be less competent in mathematics. The textbook explains, “Research shows male and female math abilities are about equal in childhood. Historically the difference occurs in the adolescent years. ”One reason they believe there is a difference is because girls do not see many other women and peers achieve in the mathematical field. Girls who do take advanced course do because either they like math or because of the influence of their teachers and parents. Influence of Schools Influence of Home Life Gifted girls feel pressure from their peers in school that causes them to shift their proprieties away from school and the gifted program. Girls feel the pressure to fit in, to make friends, the fear of standing out, and the fear of ridicule. With this gifted girls feel the need to act ordinary and to not stand out at all. Another influence of schools is teachers have lower expectations for girls than they do boys. Supportive- In an accepting home life, gifted girls may feel free to be themselves, to pursue their interest in any subject that they find interesting (davidsongifted.org). Constricting- Parents and teachers need to make a concentrated effort to teach gifted girls to question and speak out. Girls benefit from career counseling, and they need mentors and role models in their lives. Other, slightly older, girls can be important role models. Parents need to be made aware of the special needs of gifted girls (cmu.org). They perceive math and science as not being relevant to their futures. In addition, math and science instruction is often boring, and is not compatible with the girls’ values of relationships, connectedness, and doing things that help people. Instruction Hands-on learning
Connects to other fields
Connects to the girls’ everyday lives.
Give female-oriented problems
Generate their own problems
Provide notes to girls
Avoid subtly sexist language
Let girls choose their own partners
Talk about women in science and math Communication Effective Communication Avoid sexist language
Communicate high expectations
When communicating, equal attention
to the gifted girls As a part of the hands on instruction this site is a great resource for gifted girls. http://www.braincake.org Classroom Learning Environment In order for gifted girls to be successful they need an environment that is supportive, open, and challenging. There need to be equal attention to girls, the need to give girls full informative, to challenging responses, rewarding girls' assertiveness. The classroom need to be equitable for gifted girls to be successful. Small Group work or partner work helps gifted girls express themselves in all socioeconomic populations. Lessons focused on exploration for discovering in math and science for gifted girls encourages them to develop their gifts. This is helpful for gifted minority girls. Gifted girls are motivated when the subject is relateable and when they are able to have role models in the field(cmu.org). Characteristics that cause challenges for Gifted Girls Low self-esteem
Fear of taking risks
Exaggerated concern about being accepted among peers
Ambivalent feelings about talent
Conflict between cultural identity and school achievement Davidsongifted.org Davidsongifted.org cmu.edu According to cleoslab.org, it is a fact that in our society men are attracted to women who are their intellectual equals or their inferiors whereas women are attracted to men who are their intellectual equals or superiors. A gifted girl in danger of giving up academic and career opportunities in order to hold on to a boyfriend is a common and difficult situation. Research shows a classroom of all girls is useful to help gifted girls learn more and promote independence (aboutourkids.org). Giving gifted girls freedom and the ability to be creative in the classroom to avoid the girls worrying about their competence or talent (dividsongifted). Cooperative activities that focus on invention and exploration will help gifted girls opportunities for discovering math and science and the encouragement to develop their gifts (davidsongifted.org). It is important not to have programs that isolate gifted girls. Gifted girls not not like to stand out and allowing the program to be subtle will be most effective. Works Cited "BrainCake : Home Page." BrainCake : Home Page. N.p., n.d. Web. 05
Dec. 2012.
"Gifted Girls - Many Gifted Girls, Few Eminent Women: Why? |
AboutOurKids.org." Gifted Girls - Many Gifted Girls, Few Eminent Women: Why? | AboutOurKids.org. N.p., n.d. Web. 05 Dec. 2012.
"Gifted Girls." Gifted Girls. N.p., n.d. Web. 05 Dec. 2012.
"Parenting Gifted Girls: Focus on Math, Science and Technology-
cmites.org-1-2-week-summer Classes-math-science-roboics-computer Programs." Parenting Gifted Girls: Focus on Math, Science and Technology-cmites.org-1-2-week-summer Classes-math-science-roboics-computer Programs. N.p., n.d. Web. 05 Dec. 2012. Reads often and retains what she reads
Communicates ideas well both verbally and in writing
Possesses superior analytical and conceptual abilities
Explores issues from multiple points of view There are subtle and not-so-subtle messages that downplay the value of the female achievement that begins early and then accumulate over time. With these messages the abilities girls could have gain in their schooling is not achieved (davidsongifted.org). According to davidsongifted.org, gifted boys are encouraged much more than girls. There needs to be an environment that allows for both genders to be encouraged.
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