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No description

Mariano Delpree

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of poop

Juan pablo
cyberbullyng ; Cyberbullyng starts when your at school.And there is a bully at youre school and he starts bothering you.And then he knows your private information he coul'd do cyberbullyng to you.Or a strange person knows your private information and does to you cyberbullyng
Cyberbulling is bulling in the internet.
when someone sends you a mail and you dont trust him, dont respond or do what he wants you to do, just block him.
you should defend you
Gabriel Quevedo
When someone you don't know sends you a mean message, you should show the message to someone that you trust and delete the message so you do not need to be in big problems.
Gabriel Quevedo
Gabriel Quevedo
When you receive something from someone you dont now dont reply or read or toach anithing just block him
Jonathan Steinmetz
Cyberbullies are bullies on your computer they send you mean text
Hope you liked it!
Gabriel Quevedo
so when a cyberbully tell an adult you trust
Never tell a stranger your private in formation like your address and more
Stop Cyberbullying!
Stop Cyberbullying!
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