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Bringing The World's First Hybrid Airship to Market [Shared]

No description

Ali Alatas

on 6 August 2015

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Transcript of Bringing The World's First Hybrid Airship to Market [Shared]

Hybrid Airships
The numbers
speak for themselves
Hybrid Advantage
Enables Affordable Transport To Austere Operating Sites
Our Hybrid Airship
Hybrid Airships – Outstanding Remote Cargo Delivery
Interior Layout
Hybrid Airship
A Transportation Resolution
Heavier Than Air + ACLS= Stable Ground Operation
Takeoff and Land On Unimproved Surfaces
Low Carbon Emissions + Low noise + Eliminate Infrastructure = Environmentally Friendly
Reduce Transportation Cost of
Remote Projects
Enable Launch of Projects Previously
Thought Inaccessible
A Lockheed Martin Product, Backed By
100 Years of Aviation Excellence
The Next Leap in Transportation Technology
Bringing The First Hybrid Airship to Market
Rob Binns, CEO
15 Years in the Development. Now Ready to...
Revolutionize Transportation
Throughout the World
Solving Remote Transportation Problem
80% Lift from Buoyancy | 20% Lift from Aerodynamic
or Direct Lift
What is Hybrid Lift?
Market Focus – Remote Operations
Design focus – maximize simplicity and toughness
Large flexible capacity with outsized capability
Built for cargo - not a passenger conversion
Low maneuvering speed, can hover
Helium lift is continuous (no stall)
State of the art flight control, navigation and avionics
Operates with minimal infrastructure
Low environmental impact - on the ground
Low fuel burn and carbon emissions, quiet – in the air
Reduced infrastructure
Fuel cost savings
Superior availability and utilization
Hybrid Airships
A Transportation Revolution
Hybrid Airships
A Transportation Revolution
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