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Japan's Education System:

No description

Caitlin Hoffmann

on 31 July 2014

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Transcript of Japan's Education System:

Fun Facts!
Historical Background
English Policy
Outgoing Students
(MEXT 2010)
Top Destinations
MEXT (2010)
Incoming Students
(MEXT 2010)
Policies for Internationalization
Short Term Programs
“For the purpose of encouraging inter-university exchanges, the internationalization of universities, and the globalization of Japanese society, fostering internationally-minded personnel, expanding international understanding and knowledge, and establishing a cross-border network of personal contacts.” -MEXT Report 2010

Sakura Network
Over 100 schools in other countries
Network of language schools within country
Teach language, offer EJU
Provide evaluation letters
Outpost of student services

Global 30 Model
(Global 30, 2012a)
Other Support
University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific (UMAP)
UMAP Credit Transfer Scheme (UCTS)
2005 Regulation on Academic Degrees
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW)
Private company scholarships
Embassy support
2009 Immigration Control Act
School Breakdown
Past 30 Years
Where Are They Going?
Past 30 Years
From Where?
Top Recruits
(MEXT 2010)
(MEXT 2010)

(MEXT 2010)
98.5% are Japanese
Population = 126.5 million
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(Japan, n.d)
Tokugawa Period
Commodore Perry
sails into Japan
Meiji Restoration
Empire of Japan fought and conquered many Asian territories in an attempt to spread influence and rule the world.
Japan surrenders;
New constitution;
Joins UN
(Japan, n.d.)
(MEXT, n.d.b)
Never ending exams....
Entrance exams at all levels
Juku and Eikaiwa Schools
Can a country that has been
so isolated for so long catch up in the global knowledge economy?

What cultural barriers are going to inhibit Japan in their goals for internationalization?
(Chan 2012)
Step 1: ?
Step 2: English-speaking Japanese
Step 3: ?
Step 4: profit

Teachers and ALTs
The Japanese exchange and teaching program (JET)
Japanese teacher training
Constitutional Monachy
(AFP, 2013)
70% of students in higher ed
(Hanai, 2012)
Government initiative
Established in 2009
Goal: 300,000 international students to study in Japan
Number of International Students as of 2011: 21,429
MEXT (2010)
(Brady, c.1856-58)
(History Place)
(Japanese foreign)
(MEXT 2010)
MEXT (2010)
47% N.A.
31% Asia
16% Europe
6% Oceania
<1% Other
Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU)
JF Nihongo Network (Sakura Network)
Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)
Short-Term Student Exchange
(Global 30 2012b)
(Japan Study Abroad, n.d.)
(MEXT, n.d.a)
Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students
Replaced the General Exam for International Students
Offered twice a year
Exam locations abroad as well as in Japan

Japan Student Services Organization
Provides student support for both incoming and outgoing students
Workshops and fairs detailing programs
Coordinates scholarship program
Follow up counseling
Job support
(Sakura Garden)
13 Participating Universities
(MEXT 2010)
Tohoku University
University of Tokyo (Todai)
Waseda University
Kyoto University
On The Ground...
Increase competitiveness of Japan’s tertiary education
Internationalized campuses – Global arena
Sharing Japanese language and culture with the rest of the world
Hoffmann, 2009
(Ting, 2009)
Hoffmann, 2009
(Ting, 2012)
(Delano, 2012)
7 step action plan
Use technology to overcome fear of speaking English
Digital campuses

(Delano, 2012)
(Kashihara, T., 2008, Oct.)
Decline of Demand
Government Funding
(Buchholz, H. J., 2013).
(Kyodo., 2013)
(Hagerman, C., 2009)
(South Park Digital Studios LLC., 1998)
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