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Teaching Culture

No description

Julie Tugya

on 2 November 2013

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Transcript of Teaching Culture

Bursting the Bubble
Culture through the arts
This is the perfect way to get students speaking, reading, writing, and listening! Works of art, music and literature can serve as springboards to engage students in making interdisciplinary connections and cultural comparisons.
More than just el Quijote
Poetry can be frightening. It's just lyrics begging for a melody.
El delantal blanco
¿Cómo eliges la ropa que llevas al colegio todos los días?
La ropa, ¿identifica a la persona? ¿Cómo? ¿Cuál es un ejemplo de nuestro colegio?

Introduce el refrán: «El hábito hace al monje». Es importante hacer hincapié en la idea de la transformación de identidad de los personajes.

Durante la lectura completarán un organizador gráfico.

Using Mexican Folklore
Mexican folklore has a strong oral
tradition. Oral culture is shared both inside and outside the home.
Due to this oral tradition, these stories often have multiple versions.
Sample Activities
Have students choose a folktale and research the different versions that exist.
Have students illustrate an existing folktale.
Have students write and illustrate their own folktales.
Have students make comparisons between Mexican folktales and the fairy tales they have heard in their cultures.
Text Art Comparison
Las desapariciones
Listen to the song.
Research the history of this reality. throughout history.
Watch segments of the film "Missing".
Compare and contrast this with other events worldwide.
Students can create their own album covers.
Music Videos
Have students research genres of music.
From their research, they will be sure to use a song that has absolutely NO version in English and is classroom appropriate.
They will create and mix a music video that is both artistically appealing and culturally relevant while visually representing the story that the song conveys.
Very basic reader that incorporates global culture as well as art and urban legend.
A brief look at an interpretation of the reality of war.
Preview before showing to your students.
Silent film.
Interpretation of Snow White.
Interesting perspective gained into the culture of bullfighting and gender roles.

Day of the Dead
Fascination with Monarchy
Create your own interpretation of a painting of monarchy.
Create a connection to modern day famous people or rulers and art.
Fashion is Art
Research famous designers and trends.
Hold a fashion show.
Compare global fashion trends throughout history.
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