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naia orma

on 8 June 2016

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Transcript of paralympics

It´s played since 1993
All the players must have problems to walk and must to be in a wheelchair
The original name was murderball
It´s played indoor in a basketball court
They play women and men together
The match is 32 minutes long and its divided into 4 parts of 8 minutes each one

Only can play 4 players in each team
To win a point you must pass the line of the other team.
The players can have 10 seconds the ball, passed this time the ball must be bounced or passed to a team-mate
It´s played with a voley ball
images and videos
images and videos
This sport was one of the eight first sports of the paralympics
There are four styles to compite:
You can compite individually or in relay
Men and women compite together

To classify the disability of the people they do like this:
We are going to analyze:
The number is to see the kind of disability
If the name is bigger the disability is smaller
The 11 says that has an has a partial visual disability
The letters indicate in what style is going to compite
In this case this S indicate that is going to compite in free
style, butterfly or backstroke

images and videos
basketball in wheel chair
It started after the Second World War
It started playing in the first paralympics games in Rome ,1960. It is one of the sports that is played in all the paralympics games. The women started playing in the paralympics games in Israel
They play people with physical-motor disabilities. The wheelchair changes depending of the players. The IWBF review if the Wheelchairs are okey to play

The court, the height of the basket and the scores are the same that in the normal basket ball. The teams are of five people and there are four times of ten minutes each
The team have 24 second to trough the ball or lose. They can impulse the Wheelchair twice and then they can bounce the ball, pas the ball or through to the basket.
There is a calification of the player from 1 to 4.5

images and video
football 5
They play people that are blind or they can´t distinguish the form of the hand. It´s started in 20s decade. It started playing in the paralympics games of Athens, in 2004.
The field is the same that in the footsal, they can play in different types of fields
They control the rules the FIFA and the IBSA

There isn´t offside. There is penalty and double penalty. There is penalty and double penalty. The goalkeeper can see the ball
There are two times of 25 minutes. The ball have a sound to orient the players.
They have a coach for each team

images and video
The first competitions were held in Mandeville, England, in 1948, and the sport was part of the inaugural program of the Paralympic Games in Rome in 1960.
Amputees, paralysis or paresis (paraplegics and quadriplegics), cerebral palsy, dysfunctional and progressive diseases can play this sport.

The Paralympics will be banks located at a distance of 70 meters, with 1.22 m in diameter; and white to 50 meters, with 80 cm in diameter.
The closer is the arrow on the center circle, the higher the score.
There are two types of bows used in Paralympic competitions: the recurve, which is used for distances of 70 meters and the compound, which is used for distances of 50 meters.

images and video
The first Paralympic riding competitions took place around 1970 in England and Scandinavian countries.
Equestrian athletes compete in five different types of disabilities.
Whether in individual competitions team, competitors must perform three reprises, including a freestyle, in which athletes combine their movements with music
Depending on the class in which it is framed, the participant will be different reprises training with the horse.
In tests, horsemen and women compete together, regardless of sex. Another feature of sport is that besides competitors, horses also receive medals
images and videos
The sports were used to rehabilitation of the second world war (mainly the soldiers)
First competition for sport players with discapacitation
Italy, Rome
First time with official Paralympics Games
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
It was started….
Initiative The Doctor Ludwig Guttmann
Stoke mandeville (Inglaterra)
Initiative The Doctor Ludwig Guttmann
was so much the success
During all this time, 15 games had been played
3 North America
7 Europe
4 Asia
1 Oceania
In Rio this year, the first time that is in South America

They take place from 7th to 18th September in different parts of Rio.
They are played in 21 different places, in 4 regions:
4 in Deoro + 2 in Maracaña + 12 in Barra + 3 in Copacabana

They need lots of things, such as:
3,5 snacks
10.000 beds
6.720 tennis balls
6.480 tennis table balls
2.300 masks
417 football balls
3.142 objectives of archery

To make it possible, they have:
25.000 voluntaries
45.000 contractors
5.000 employees

They are:
basketball on wheelchairs
+ Boccia + canoeing* +
+ fencing in wheelchair +
football 5 and 7
+ goalball + judo + raising of weight +
+ triathlon* + oar +
rugby in wheelchair
+ sail + volleyball sat

the first that was played: in 1952 in stoke in Mandeville
was played in wheelchairs, the players were old people of the second world war
in Rome the players of all type of disability compite in athletism
to be fair they divide them depending on their type of disability
those who are in wheelchair compite with prosthesis and the blind people are helped with ropes
there are different types of races shorts, mediums, long, marathon, jumps, throw...
images and videos
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