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LPH 105 W15 13.1-11

No description

Richard Datwyler

on 6 July 2016

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Transcript of LPH 105 W15 13.1-11

Expansion and Ideal gas
Thermal expansion
Ideal Gas
The Eiffel tower is build out of wrought iron and is about 300 m tall. Estimate how much its height changes, from temperatures 2 - 25 degrees C. (12 x 10^-6 C^-1)
8.3 cm
An aluminum sphere is 8.75 cm in diameter. What will be its % change in volume if it is heated from 30 C to 160 C? (B=75 X 10^-6 )
.98 %
It is observed that 55.5 mL of water at 20 C completely fills a container to the brim. When the container and water are heated to 60 C, 0.35 g of water are lost, what is the coefficient of volume expansion for the container. (density of water at 60 C is .98324 g/mL) (B of water is 210 x 10^-6)
49.7 x 10^-6 1/C
A storage tank has 25.0 g of nitrogen gas at an absolute pressure of 3.50 atm. What would the pressure be if it was replaced by an equal mass of carbon dioxide at the same temperature?
2.23 atm
What is the pressure inside a 38.0 L container holding 105.0 kg of argon gas (39.948) at 21.6 C?
1.69 x 10^8 Pa
"Can we go over the conversions between C and F?"
Kinetic theory
Estimate the number of air molecules in a room of length 6.0 x 3.0 x 2.5 m. Assume the temperature is 22 C.
1.12 x 10^27
By what factor will the rms speed of a gas molecules increase if the temperature is increased from 20 C - 160 C?
If the rms speed of molecules in a gas at 20.0 C is to be increased by 5.0%, what temperature must it be raised to?
50.0 C
What is the rms speed of oxygen gas molecules contained in a 5.7 m^3 volume at 1.7 atm if the total amount of oxygen has a mass of 15.2 kg.
440 m/s
"Assuming the volume of a car tire stays the same, if the air pressure begins at 301 kPa at 20 degrees Celsius, what is the air pressure if the temperature raises to 30 degrees Celsius? (answer should look like '333 kPa')"
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