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Kappa Delta: PACE

No description

Maggie Belew

on 15 September 2014

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Transcript of Kappa Delta: PACE

communicating with ease
becoming socially and culturally aware
living graciously
Contact me for interview prep, spray tans, or make-up! :)
Enlarging Our World
"A positive outlook can take you far in life and in your chosen career. Remember the old saying, 'Nobody likes a complainer.'"
"When you develop your communication skills, you improve your self-confidence in both business and social settings."
September 15, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Setting the pace...
What is PACE?
presenting your best self
Personal Presence
Never leave the house without looking your best
Dress appropriately in every situation
Stop bad habits-posture, nail biting, etc.
Kappa Delta: PACE
Kappa Delta says...

"By focusing on these four areas, you can develop the skills and attributes necessary to get the life you want."
P-Personal Presence
C-Communication Skills
E-Enlarging Our World
First Impressions: 7 seconds!
How does it apply to you?
Consciously choose your attitude
Live by your values
Learn to see each and every person for what he or she can teach you
Speak clearly and confidently
Smile and make eye contact
Find a balance between talking and listening
Find common interests for discussion
Read the news
Follow news on Twitter!
Develop an appreciation for classical music, art, ethnic foods
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