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Unit 2 - Henry Wells and William G. Fargo

Story # 2 - Open Court Unit 2 (Dollars and Sense)

Bianca Nunes

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Unit 2 - Henry Wells and William G. Fargo

Henry Wells and William G. Fargo
by Edward F. Dolan, Jr. GENRE: BIOGRAPHY WORD KNOWLEDGE ACTIVATING PRIOR KNOWLEDGE CALIFORNIA GOLD RUSH Two men influential in the growth and development of the West
Basic rules of business: ______________________________________
Delivery and financial empire Familiar with story
California, Gold Rush? What makes a good business partner?
Why are some people better than others at spotting business opportunities? Biography A real person's life Important Information about Life and events Autobiography Body Body Body Body Body Body Body Body Body 1. Mail the package as quickly as possible.

2. They would pay dearly for their crimes.

3. Offices in the mining towns would need safes.
4. Kilimanjaro is a very tall mountain located in Africa. - Discovered in Sutter's Mill on Jan. 24, 0848
- Thousands of people came to California
- Wells Fargo & Company (connecting East and West) What other people influenced US or your home country? Let's BROWSE! What do you think this story has to do with business?

DESTINATION: a fast system of delivering good or mails trying hard to succeed to start, create, or begin a risky new beginning the place to which someone or something is supposed to go
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