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ELEM 3500/ 3600 Lesson Plan 2: North Carolina State Symbols

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Karen Branch

on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of ELEM 3500/ 3600 Lesson Plan 2: North Carolina State Symbols

North Carolina State Symbols
Question: What is a symbol?
- A symbol is an action or object that represents something.
- Can you guess what these symbols represent?
Lesson Objective
Today, we are going to be learning about North Carolina's symbols and why they are important to our state.
State Bird
State Mammal
State Flower
State Tree
State Rock
State Plant
State Fruit
The Eastern Gray Squirrel
The Cardinal
The Cardinal is known for whistling songs.
Male Cardinals are a scarlet red color and females are a brown color with reddish wings.

The Dogwood Blossom
It was named the state flower in 1941.
The Dogwood tree is one of the most common trees in North Carolina and can be found from the mountains to the coast.
They are white in color and sometimes have pink and red shades.
The Pine Tree
Became the state tree in 1963.
There are 8 types of pine tree in North Carolina.
The pine trees supply North Carolina with many important wood products.
North Carolina has a large amount of granite.
Granite is used as building material in several industries.
State Flag
State Nickname
State Song
State Insect
North Carolina's nickname is the "Tar Heel State." Legend says that this nickname came from the Colonial Era, when tar was one of North Carolina's major products. It came from the workers who walked through the forest accumulating the tar on their shoes.

The state song of North Carolina is "The Old North State," composed by William Gaston.
The Venus Flytrap
It is a carnivorous plant and lives in a small area on the coast of North Carolina.
When an insect touches the bristles on the leaf 2-3 times, the plant shuts in less than a second and traps its meal.
State Berries
The Scuppernong Grape
This grape has a sweet taste and has seeds.
The strawberry is the state's official red berry. The blueberry is the state's official blue berry. Both are very important in the agricultural industry.
The Honeybee
This insect plays a very important role in the agricultural industry.

State Dog
State Vegetable
Native Americans grew sweet potatoes in North Carolina before European colonization began.
North Carolina is the largest producer of sweet potatotes int the United States.
The Plott Hound
This dog is a hunting dog and is known for being athletic and its tracking skills.
The Great Seal of North Carolina
I have...Who has?
Part 1
Part 2
On the back of your flag, draw a compare/contrast chart to find the similarities and differences in your flag and symbols and North Carolina's flag and symbols.
The official flag was adopted in 1885.
The first date commemorates the Mecklenburg Declaration of Indpendence. This event was where NC citizens met to declare their freedom from Great Britain.
The second date commemorates the Halifax resolves which was the first action by a colony to call independence from Great Britain.
Think of some types of symbols that you have seen before and discuss with a person sitting near you.
Can you think of a symbol that would represent the United States?

What are some types of symbols on a map?
Now that we know types of symbols that we see every day, what types of symbols do you think may represent the state we live in?
Each state in the U.S. has many different symbols that represent what is special and important about that state.
-Became the state mammal in 1969.
- Can be found in most areas of NC.
- It likes to eat corn, peanuts, and insects.
Written on the Great Seal is the latin phrase, " Esse Quam Videri."
This is our state motto and translated it means: "To be rather than to seem."
North Carolina designated red and blue as the official state colors in 1945. Both colors are shown in the state and national flag.
State Reptile
The Easter Box Turtle
Found on the coast of NC
Gets its name from being able to retract it's head and legs into the shell that creates a protective "box."
Can live to be over 100 hundred years old!
State Stone
The Emerald was named the state stone in 1973. Many precious stones have been found in NC.
State Beverage
Milk was named the state beverage in 1987.
NC is not the only state, 17 other states have milk as their symbol.
North Carolian is ranked 31st in the dairy producing states in the nation.
Sweet Potato
Now, you are going to create your own flag that represents you!
You can include: colors, important dates, favorite objects
Use the symbol ideas that North Carolina has.
Try to have 5 or more symbols on your flag.
How does your flag compare to our state flag and the symbols that we have learned about?
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