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Philippe Croizon

No description

Mathilde Poirier

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Philippe Croizon

Introduction Presentation His accident Achievement Presentation of Philippe Croizon:
- who he is ?
- what happened to him?
- what was his challenge?

Philippe Croizon

French man

Born in 1968

Used to work as an steelworker

March 1994, Philippe (26 years old)
received a severe electric shock from
a high-voltage power line while he was
was working on a television antenna.

Hospitalized, doctors remove left and right legs and also left and right arms
= quadruple amputee

During his long recuperation, decided
to have swim training.
35hours per week during 2 years

Conclusion Philippe Croizon Achievement 2010, swam across English channel (34km) in less
than 14 hours.

2012, succeeded new target: swim four straits separating five continents with Arnaud Chassery,
long distance swimmer.
-June: Australia to Asia (across the red sea) 19km
-July: Africa to Europe (strait of Gibraltar) 14km
-August: Asia to America (Bering strait) 5km dense fog, strong currents
Bravery lesson I've chosen this topic to show that we never have to give up.
With strong mentality, and determination, we can fulfill our dreams. I consider him as an hero for people who has a severe accident, but also for everyone else. The accident, reeducation,
everything happened where
I leave in France.
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