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Joanne Scannell

on 26 May 2015

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Hunger Games
Instructions are which writing type?

Writing to Explain

Writing to Inform


These are both used when writing a newspaper article!

A newspaper article will tell you the basic facts (Inform), and then explain the reasons why this has occurred and what the effects are (Explain).

Inform and Explain

Written in paragraphs
Descriptive detail
Past or Present Tense
Technical information
Explaining WHY and HOW

Explain: Language Devices

Giving facts about a situation or thing.
Example: The European Snow Leopard is white in colour.

Explaining the reasons, causes and effects of something.
Example: The European Snow Leopard is white because it lives in snowy regions of Europe, and this allows it to hide in its surroundings.

Writing to Inform and Explain

Difference between Inform and Explain

Where Informative Writing

How Writing to Explain

Many people are confused about the differences between writing to INFORM and writing to EXPLAIN.

Let’s review some of the key features of each!

Writing to Inform Vs. Explain

Diagrams, charts and images
Short, clear sentences
Present Tense if instructive
Past Tense if recalling an event
Technical information

Inform: Language Devices

L/O: to be able to write to inform.

The film is set in a place called Panem. Panem is split into 12 districts. Every year, each district must choose 2 tributes at random (one boy, one girl) to take part in the games, there are 24 contestants in total. ‘The Hunger Games’ is a film about a game of survival, the winner is last one alive. The main character is a young girl called Katniss Everdeen. She is chosen to take part in ‘The Hunger Games’ as a tribute for District 12. Tributes are aged between 12 and 18. After the tributes names are drawn out of a bowl they are taken from their homes to compete……...
The film was released on March 23rd

Hunger Games Review

Give your partner a mark out of 5 and explain which points they need to work on.

L/O: to be able to write to inform.

Has your partner:
Used short and clear sentences?
Have they remained unbiased (no opinions)?
Included facts from the trailer?
Used a formal style?
Considered their audience (Fellow student who would like to know more about the film)?


L/O: to be able to write to inform.

Watch the trailer for ‘The Hunger Games’ Film (we will watch it twice):

Listen carefully to find out:
What The Hunger Games are
The name of the lead character
The district he/she is from
Why the lead character is taking part in the games
How many people take part in the games
What ages the ‘tributes’ can be
When the film is out at the cinema

Fact Finders

This means giving facts to another person.

L/O: to be able to write to inform.

Always think about GAPS:
Genre – should it be instructions, a recipe, directions, a manual?
Audience – who is going to read it?
Purpose - to give unbiased information which is reliable and factual
Style - formal

Writing to Inform

Top Tips:
When writing to inform, make sure language is clear, factual and impersonal. Use short and clear sentences.
Break up the writing with diagrams, illustrations, pictures and subheadings.

L/O: to be able to write to explain.

Use facts
Show a balanced view
Use evidence to support your points (previous contestants)
Use connectives (however, whereas, though, unless)
Write in the third person (unless instructions)
Write in paragraphs
Use descriptive detail
Past or Present Tense (How it has been done or what has happened in the past)
Explain WHY and HOW (How to get there.... why you should.....
When writing to Explain you should:

L/O: to be able to write to explain.

Give your partner a mark out of 6 and explain which points they need to work on.

Have you:
Broken down the topic?
Used facts?
Shown a balanced view?
Used evidence to support your points?
Used connectives?
Written in third person? (Contestants should... previously contestants have.....)


The trees are very high –
If you are a good climber you could hide up them for days and watch out for enemies.

This is the river –
it is your ONLY source of water in the Arena. You can also catch fish here. Beware, you are very visible to others here.

L/O: to be able to write to explain.

This is where the games begin.
The yellow shape is called the Cornucopia – it is full of food and weapons. This is when the most number of contestants are killed at one time as they all fight over the goods.

These are the fields where you can find berries to eat.
Be careful though as some are poisonous.

These are the caves.
They will provide good shelter but if you stay here it will be difficult for you to spot other contestants who are on their way to kill you.

Each contestant has a sponsor who will give them supplies.
They will only be given the supplies if the sponsor thinks they are playing the game well…

L/O: to be able to write to explain.

Berry field

Tall trees





….The Hunger Games Arena

Inform your peers about the film
Create a survival guide for the contestants, to help them win the Hunger Games. Choose 3 areas. Explain how and why each area will help them.
(e.g. When you enter the arena you should......
you should hide in the caves because this will offer you shelter..)

Use a simile to describe the expression on Katniss’ face.

L/O: to be able to write to describe.

Use an adjective to describe how Katniss is holding her bow and arrow.

L/O: to be able to write to describe.

Imagine you are Katniss.
You are standing in the woods near the edge of the arena.

Use your SENSES to describe your surroundings.

(see, hear, feel, smell, taste)

L/O: to be able to write to describe.

You COULD use similes and metaphors to describe the scene.

Use the senses and adjectives
to describe how she feels, and her surroundings.

L/O: to be able to write to describe.

Write a short paragraph to describe Katniss' first five minutes in the arena
Her movements, her feelings and reactions.

Try to use as many of the devices you have demonstrated already. Ensure your writing is as attention grabbing as possible, engage the reader and make them want to read further......
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