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Are Men or Women Easier to Trick?

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ekwon white

on 2 October 2014

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Transcript of Are Men or Women Easier to Trick?

Are Men or Women Easier to Trick?
Day 1 (Monday): 6/10 Men 4/10 Women
Day 2 (Tuesday): 4/10 Men 7/10 Women
Day 3 (Wednesday) 9/10 Men 3/10 Women
Day 4 (Thursday) 4/10 Men 2/10 Women
Men 23/40 Women 16/40
Test my Hypothesis
I plan on testing my hypothesis by tricking males and females of the high school age by trying different tricks. the trick i will focus on the most is fake money because the sight of money is hard to resist.
If i try to trick men and women
then the men will fall
for my plot less often.

IV=Placement of fake money
D=Who picks up the fake bill
CV=Age of men and women
In conclusion men are more likely to
fall for the trick more than women.
Given time i did not get to further extend my experiment to have more accurate solutions.

How it connects to Earth Science?
It connects to the biosphere
because I am studying the
behavior of a living organism (humans).
Materials: Fake one hundred dollar bill
Females and Males

1.Place money in slightly noticeable area
2. Wait for a male or female to pick up
3.Record data
4. Approach Female/Male to retrieve money
5. Replace money for next victim
(Each person said when they thought they had one hundred dollars they were extremely happy)
Materials & Prosedure
My Next Experiment
I plan on testing if people who worry about sickness can be cured by a placebo (sugar pill).
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