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Famous Canadians Project: Tommy Douglas

No description

Hilal S

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Famous Canadians Project: Tommy Douglas

Tommy Douglas I chose Tommy Douglas because he
changed and help many people in Canada
including me and everyone here. For
example, if Tommy Douglas did not exist,
my family would have to pay lots of
money when I broke my hand. Why I chose Tommy Douglas Background Information: Full Name: Thomas Clement Douglas
Born: October 20 1904 at Falkirk Scotland
Died: February 28 1986 at Ottawa Ontario
Year when he became a Premier of
Saskatchewan: 1944
Parents: Annie and Thomas Douglas
Married to: Shirley Jean Douglas Tommy Douglas Childhood: -When Tommy Douglas was born, their parents
decide to go to Winnipeg because Scotland had a war
-When leaving Scotland, Tommy broke his knee
(5 years old)
-The doctors tried to fix his knee, but they did not
-When went to Winnipeg, he needed to
amputated his leg
-A doctor told Tommy Douglas parents he could
get the surgery for free
(This event in his life inspired him to make
medical care for free in Canada) Did you ever want to know a famous Canadian that started free health care in Canada? Tommy Douglas Achievements: Tommy Douglas Late
Career and Death: Movie Mania We will watch a part of Tommy Douglas speech on medical care in Canada that was presented in 1983 -In 2004, There was a CBC television program and it named Tommy Douglas
as the "Greatest Canadian" from a survey
-He also has a statue of him in Weyburn, Saskatchewan -At June 1984 he was struck by a
bus and got recovered before
his 80th birthday
-Since that day, his memory started slowing down and stopped accepting speaking engagements.
-Died at 1986 because of cancer 3 Questions I will ask Tommy Douglas: Trivia Time 1. When was Tommy Douglas born?

2. Name 1 event that happened to
Tommy Douglas when he was a kid

3. When Did Tommy Douglas became a premier of Saskatchewan?

4. When did Tommy Douglas did his speech on the video we watched? Conclusion: In conclusion, Tommy Douglas is a great Canadian because he helped many people in Canada and made Canada a better place to live. Thank You! Thank you for listening to my famous Canadian Presentation on Tommy Douglas. I hope you enjoyed it! 1. How did you feel when you became a premier
of Saskatchewan?

2. What is your favourite part of being in the

3. Do you enjoy being famous and why? Well if you didn't, today is your lucky day
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