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Developing Meanings for the Operations: Addition & Subtraction

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Jennifer Chitnis

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Developing Meanings for the Operations: Addition & Subtraction

Developing Meanings
for the Operations Addition and subtraction are
Addition names the whole in terms of the parts.
Subtraction names a missing part multiplication involves counting groups of like size and determining how many are in all multiplication and division are related
division names a missing factor models can be used to solve contextual problems for all operations and to figure out what operation is involved regardless of the size of numbers
models can also be used to give meaning to number sentences Content Connections number development
basic facts
whole-number place value & computation
algebraic thinking
fraction & decimal computation Join Problems Separate Problems Part-Part-Whole Compare Problems 4 Problem Structures need 3 quantities:
1. initial or starting amount
2. a change amount
3. resulting amount the initial amount is the whole number or the largest amount involves 2 parts that are combined into one whole part involve comparing 2 quantities, the third amount is the difference between the 2 amounts.
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