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Co-op Training Program Final Presentation

No description

sara alsaleh

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Co-op Training Program Final Presentation

Co-op Training Program Final Presentation
The Saudi British Bank
Supervised By: Dr. Ramlah Hussein
Done By: Sara AlSaleh

Table of Content
I. Acknowledgments
II. Introduction
A. Company Profile
B. Work Plan
C.Financial Control Department
III. Daily Tasks
IV. Projects & Activities
A.AutoPost Report
B.General Ledger Certificate
C.Desk Instruction Manual
D.Extension sheet
E. Health Day Activity2
V. Field Experiences
VI. Conclusion

III .Daily Tasks
IV. Projects & Activities
V. Field Experiences
A. Company Profile
The Saudi British Bank (SABB) is a Saudi joint stock company. Between Saudi Stockholders and Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) groups.

SABB is incorporated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with its head office in Riyadh.

Over 9500 office
18 exclusive Ladies’ sections
A team of 3049 employees of whom 87% are Saudi nationals
In 79 countries and territories in Europe.

C. Financial Control
Financial Control is responsible to safeguard bank profit and loss, looking after balance sheet movements, compiling high level management information and review of expenditure limits.

I. Acknowledgments

B. Work Plan
1. Balance Sheet
2. Suspense Accounts
3. Unposted Transactions
4.Error and loss (ERL)
5.Unclaimed Accounts

A.Auto Post Report
The Auto post Report is A3 paper report that contains numbers, accounts, transactions, and general ledger.
B. General Ledger Certificate (GLC)
GLC provides a summary of the assets ,liabilities,income,cost, .
C.DIM Project
It explains each and every task of the department, steps and processes of each task ,who is responsible of doing such task, and the purpose of
doing it.
D.Extentions sheet

Relevant Eduction
Over all experience

Joining the Saudi British Bank for my co-op training is the biggest achievement for me

transformation between two managers
understanding the system of the bank such as HUB system
Relevant Education

BUS 371:
Management Information System
IS 370:
Project Management
CS 202:
Microsoft Excel
International Business
Finance 450,470,370:
Money market ,Interest Rates Foreign Exchange ,Ratios
Accounting 101:
Balance sheet Income statement
Ethics 301, Communication 201:
Behave in ethical and professional manner
Econ 101, Econ103
analyze supply and demand in each industry

I would like to expresses my sincerest gratitude to PSU ,especially Dr.Rumlah.
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