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Rock the gum!

Creative view on an ordinary thing

Jennifer Kou

on 12 May 2013

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Transcript of Rock the gum!

Valued Gum Brainstorming! Throw it away... What Else? Gum Yoga
Anti-ageing facial exercise What Else? Quick hormone testing by Rock the Creativity or... So, what can we do? Pros Cons social reduces stress helps to concentrate unique
and different
taste substitutes cigarettes Now,
How to Value Gum ? Gum is priceless & powerful! Create an
architectural masterpiece Make a portrait of favourite football coach Make sculptures like these And even like THIS! Create a 3D portrait
sculpture of a total stranger ...using DNA samples
from used gum! helps to lose weight lasts longer than ordinary candies disposal health taste culture -doesn't last long
-cannot be swallowed in eastern countries it is not polite to chew gum in front of elder people toothache dangerous
if you swallow it with gum?! Unleash your
Creativity! Let's chew some gum and Rock the World! Because with great creativity We can change the world! functional health taste -habit - looks cool Use it for
catfish bait Upgrade memory Stimulate your creative mind-----like drinking coffee! =
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