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30 Things About Me

All About My Life

Scott Abbott

on 6 June 2016

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Transcript of 30 Things About Me

Look at that fucking hair
My Family
My First Job
Me When I Was 10
My Friends
My Bitches
Likes it on Top
Likes it up the ass
Likes Reverse Cowgirl
Likes it Doggy Style
What I Hate
Favorite T.V. Shows
30ish Things About Me and My Life
My Ride
My Favorite NFL Team
People I Hate
My Dog
What I do all day
Shine Splints
Favorite Video Game Series



The Scott

Thee Scott

Scott The Great

The Nipple Size I Like
What I Wanna Do
Some kind of Counselor.
Or this
Who I Respect
My Ranks
My Favorite Movie Stars
The one and only
All About Scott Abbott
What My Kids Will Be Like
What I Watch for Comedy
Favorite Talk Show Hosts
Fuck shit up
The Keys to My Success
I'm an Ass guy
Craziest Event of my Life
My All Time Favorite Song
How I pick up the Bitches
CEO of Wal-Mart
People that should just drop dead
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