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The Effects Of Tattoo

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Francisco Ramirez

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of The Effects Of Tattoo

The Effects Of Tattooing
Integumentary system & tattoos
The integumentary system has many functions to help protect the human body. The integumentary system helps prevent water loss, and abrasion from harmful bacteria. The integumentary system consist of skin, hair and nails.
History of Tattoos
Harmful affects of Tattoos
Tattoos contain metallic salts such as oxide sulphides. Most chemicals used in tattooing were originally intended for use in printer paper and car paint.
Does the ink in get into the blood vessels, is it harmful?
The ink does not go into the blood. The ink settles in the dermis. It can be harmful if you are going to an artist that works at home, damage could be caused, because the artist does not know it canvas.
Harmful Effects of Tattoos
tattoos are made by punctuations in the dermis layer of the skin
Most tattoos can hurt if not taken care of properly, it can cause infection and other skin ailments.
the cause of infection and disease can be caused by unsterile needles and or and scratching of the area caused ny irritation of clothing.
By: Francisco, Brandon, Nick and Juan.
A great place for this tattoo is the position right above the buttocks.
Integumentary system and more functions
our integumentary system is
-protects the deep tissue
- secrete waste by perspiration
- and acts as receptors for touch,pressure,pain, heat and cold

Tattooing is an art form used for centuries by tribal societies as religious statements. Tattoos now show self expression, memorization of an events, or to memorialize a departed love one.

But the question is can these significant "works of art' damage your skin?
Harmful Effects of Tattoos
The reason tattoos are vulnerable to deadly diseases is because the tattooist is puncturing thousands of tiny wounds into your skin.
tattoos can cause :
allergic reactions- tattoos dyes can cause an itchy rash in the tattooed area.
blood borne disease- If the tattoo equipment used is contaminated with infected blood. you can contract various diseases - including Tetanus, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.
What does the immune system do when you get a tattoo?
Your body can have many different reactions to the tattoo, on of these reactions is Pseudolymphoma, which is a inflammatory response to known of unknown stimuli that results in a lymphomatous, appearing as accumulation of inflammatory cells.
What does the immune system do when you get a tattoo?
Another reaction your immune system can have is an allergic hypersensitivity reaction, this is were white blood cells are released and they go to the point where the reaction is occurring
What does the immune system do when you get a tattoo?
Your immune system can have a reaction called "acute" inflammatory reaction which involves an increases blood flow due to dilation of the blood vessels supplying the region.
Increased permeability of the capillaries, allowing fluid and blood proteins to move into the interstitial spaces, migration of neutrophils out of the capillaries and venules and into interstitial spaces.
- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tattoo_medical_issues
- http://health.howstuffworks.com/skin-care/beauty/skin-and-lifestyle/tattoos-bad-for-skin.htm
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