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Fall TV Show Project

Emily Chen

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Revolution

Best New Fall TV Series Ever! Revolution Have you every wondered what our lives would be like without computers, cell phones, cars, electronics and technology? In our world, technology is everything. What would happen if it all turned off? 15 years later, life is back to what it was long before technology. Families' lived in quiet towns and everything should be calm and peaceful ... Or so they thought. One day, like a switch turned off, the entire world is suddenly plunged into darkness. Planes fall from the sky, hospitals shut down, and communication is impossible. Meet The Main Characters Watch Revolution, Mondays @ 10/9c on NBC After "The Voice" If technology all over the world disappeared, what would you do? If you have and you want to know what might happen, watching Revolution will tell you everything you need to know. Billy Burke as Miles Matheson; Former sergeant U.S. Marine Corps. Stationed at Parris Island during the blackout. Uncle of Charlie and brother of Ben.

Tracy Spiridakos as Charlotte "Charlie" Matheson; Only 5 at the time of the blackout, later raised in Wisconsin with her younger brother Danny. Experienced traker and skilled hunter.

Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel Matheson; Mother of Charlie and Danny.

Zak Orth as Aaron Pittman; Talented and wealthy computer programmer. After Danny's kidnapping, Aaron sets out to rescue the boy while unknowingly holding the key to returning power to the planet.

Giancarlo Esposito as Captain Tom Neville; a cultured former insurance adjuster turned militia leader.

J.D. Pardo as Nate; A Militia spy sent to find Miles Matheson, has mixed feelings about Charlie Matheson. Revolution is rated TV - 14 and does involve violence and blood so if you don't like one or the other I suggest you don't watch the show. Revolution has been compared to "The Hunger Games" and "Lost." It has the action and hunting like "The Hunger Games" and survival skills seen in "Lost" I think "Revolution" can and will have future success because it has some very interesting ways over surviving and creating different things without technology A brutal encounter sets a young women and two unlikely companions off on a daring journey to find answers about the past in the hopes of reclaiming the future.
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