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No description

Mariah Kirsch

on 2 November 2015

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Transcript of Beowulf

Why Beowulf?
It's considered to be the
oldest work of English Poetry (written between 700-1000 AD
It's origins are MYSTERIOUS... it may have been written by a Christian poet... or not written at all.
Beowulf was passed down as an oral poem, memorized by SCOPS to be told to an audience.
Epic Poetry
a long, narrative poem written in an elevated style whose characters and actions are of heroic proportion.
Setting is vast in scale (like a nation, or the world).
Epic Hero
Epics begin IN
-- the story starts “in the middle of things” at a critical point in the action.
A central heroic figure whose actions are vital to the welfare of a nation or a people.
Epic heroes usually exemplify the character traits most admired by their societies.

Odysseus' "heroic" traits:

If this idea is true, then Beowulf must exemplify the character traits most admired by the Anglo-Saxons. Think about what are these traits might be...
Where are we?
A: Anglo-Saxon England
Alliteration: Repeated consonant sounds; connect to parts of a line.
Example: "He
lipped through the door and there in the
Metaphors used instead of the name of a person or thing.
Grendel = "the shepherd of evil"
Group Reading
Read "The Coming of Grendel" (12-16)
Partner 1 reads a paragraph, partner 2 reads along
Partner 2 summarizes the paragraph partner 1 read aloud
Parter 1 and 2 use post-its to identify elements of epic poem and epic hero and to write questions that arise.

Beowulf & Wild Wild West
More Terms
Heroic Boast
a speech in which a character relates tales of his heroic exploits and adventures

Powerful tone
Vivid description
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