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Digital Strategy Approach

UCD methodology and approach

Esse Turnbull

on 3 November 2015

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Transcript of Digital Strategy Approach

Digital Strategy
Recent projects
Common client strategic needs
Increase collaboration, sharing and finding of information
Increase competitive advantage through Web and User Experience
Increase operational efficiencies through online processes
Creating a great
User Experience
UX Mission:
To help clients optimise their use of the web to reach their strategic goals
Creating optimum
user experience &
site performance
Emotional Audit
Emotional and psychological.
How will the user be feeling when they arrive at the content?
How will they be feeling at the end of it?
What characteristics of the writing are contributing to the emotions it generates?
Does all similar content show consistency of style?

Facts and information.
What would the user anticipate finding out from this content? What do they actually find out?
Are expectations exceeded or disappointed?
What is likely to be the emotional outcome of the information they are receiving?
"Content and functionality are the new creativity - it's not about whether you have a whiz-bang rich media banner running.
Are you doing something that's actually helpful and useful to people?"

Andy Bateman, CEO of Interbrand New York
The content needs to be useful, relevant and tell a story
A solid compelling narrative is essential
There should be marketing objectives behind the content
Why are we doing this?
The content should seek to change, modify or maintain behaviour
What do we want the user to do?
It should be multi-format
It needs to be targeted
A mass marketing message doesn't cut it.
It needs to be measurable
If we cant measure it, we shouldn’t be doing it
What is User Centered Design (UCD) and why is it important?
User Centred-Design (UCD) is a philosophy that places the person (as opposed to the 'thing') at the centre.
UCD seeks to answer questions about users and their tasks and goals, then use the findings to drive development and design.

UCD seeks to answer questions such as:
Who are the users of this 'thing'?
What are the users’ tasks and goals?
What are the users’ experience levels with this thing, and things like it?
What functions do the users need from this thing?
What information might the users need, and in what form do they need it?
How do users think this 'thing' should work?
How can the design of this ‘thing’ facilitate users' cognitive processes?

UCD can improve the usability and usefulness of everything from "everyday things" to software to information systems to processes. . . anything with which people interact. As such, User-Centred Design concerns itself with both usefulness and usability.
Analysis of
's existing card servicing processes, streamlined them where possible and designed a GUI within Service Online to allow these processes to be carried out by front line staff.

Usability analysis, eye-tracking, testing, reporting and prototyping across the
OTP streams.

Analysis, Reporting & Prototyping for
Bank My Home and Access portals.

Australian Consumer Association (
) - Strategic design and Web Information Architecture for a Next Generation web site.

Concept Design for the new AMP Superannuation pages.

Full User Centred Design activities in the redesign of the
Dept. Of Health
Electronic Chief Health Officer's Report.
Confirm objectives
Conduct research
Gather data & content
Understand your business requirements
Assess operational environment
Agree strategy
Agree scope
Agree budget
Agree project plan
Define technical & functional requirements
Define creative strategy
Agree Information architecture: user journeys, site map, wire frames
Design creative concepts
Create assets
Test prototypes
Implement all project elements
Write technical docs
Complete internal sign off process
Testing & launch
Ongoing user feedback
Content development
Ongoing optimisation
Tracking and performance reviews
Additional functionality
Managing data
How do I work with you to deliver an optimal project outcome?
Analyse, Interrogate, Evaluate
To arrive at a set of recommendations for the evolution of a digital strategy, the following high level three tier review is taken;

− Strategic planning
− Content
− User Experience

To deliver recommendations which will:

− Drive more traffic to the site where appropriate
− Improve form completion rates
- Not just ‘quick wins’ to fix short-term problems
User Experience
Key Insights in helping us understand the scope
Content Analysis & Writing
(inventory & creation of information)
Information Architecture
(navigation to information)
Interaction Design
(manipulating of information)
Information Design
(presentation of information)
Visual Design
(aesthetics and layout of information)
Usability Evaluation
(suitability of information)
UCD Activity streams
What deliverables come out of the UCD process?
Direction, Emotion, Experience
Strategic Planning
Research to understand how information is sought and digested.
Overlaid against user segments to identify areas for increased effort to deliver upon targets and ROI.
Arriving at how we communicate most efficiently to the greatest number of users on the site

Content Direction
A review undertaken against an emotional model which aims to map the user’s journey through the site in terms of their needs and the ability of the content tone to meet those.

User Experience
Identifying where the architecture frustrates or loses users and developing a more effective structure to generate more online interactivity and self care.
Overall working to ensure that the business message is delivered correctly and the proposed content is fully showcased.
We also need some content guidelines….
Esse Spadavecchia
User Experience Designer
Why Esse?
Develop seamless online solutions that deliver tangible business benefits
A strong track record in delivery of online solutions across a wide range of industries
I adopt a pragmatic and collaborative approach that is focused on my core competencies, in the delivery of online solutions
So how do we go about a User Centered Design Process?
Digital Strategy
Content Strategy
User Centered Design work in the past two years 2010 - 2012
UX work prior to 2010
Hands-on UX practitioner. Fully invested in the overall strategy and commercial touch-points that are associated with the UX thread of work within a given project.
Strategic use of the internet
The capabilities around a User Centered Design
Web Strategy
Social Media Strategy
Online Marketing
Search Engine Optimisation
Conceptual Design
Information Architecture
User Experience Design
Interaction Design
Requirements Analysis
Focus groups & market research
User Centered Design
Web Governance & Standards
Web & Content Governance
Heuristic Review & Audit
Standards Compliance
Business Analysis & Project Management
Project Management
Business Analysis
Program Management
Change Management
Web Technology
Front-End Coding
Some examples deliverables
User journey
Persona Definition
Interactive Prototype
An overview
My delivery process
User centered
Presented by Esse Spadavecchia - 2012
Finished product or final visual design following a UCD process
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