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The WATER Cycle

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on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of The WATER Cycle

The Water Cycle
The Water Cycle is one of the most important things on Earth. The Water Cycle or also known as the hydrolic cycle and the H2O cycle is a process by which water circulates the Earth. Water is recycled during during this process.
We believe that condensation is one of the most interesting stage in the water cycle. Condensation is when a gas is turned into a liquid.
The Water Cycle
We had a presentation in which we had to research on the water cycle. Our PBL project is based on collaborating with our group and working together to make this presentation possible.

You may be wondering how water changes each day on earth. If you are it goes through the process called the water cycle. The water is the process in which Earth uses to recycle water.
Introduction to the Water Cycle
Precipitation is the movement of water from the atmosphere to Earth's surface. The process of precipitation supports the water cycle by filling up Earth's lakes,streams, oceans, etc.
This is precipitation. precipitation occurs when air is not sustained.
The Water
Evaporation is the opposite of condensation. Evaporation is the process of water turning into a gas and bringing it up to the clouds. For this process to happen we need the sun.

Groundwater is t
he process in which water is held in the soil or ground.
Run Off

Run off is the process in which water is driven from lakes, rivers, etc to oceans.
Water is being soaked by the ground.
Transpiration is the transfer of water from plants to the atmosphere. water is evaporated when transpiration happens. Did yo:u that when it is water is evaporated through the plant it goes through pores which are called "stomate."
What Would Happen Without A Part Of The Water Cycle
If there was a part in the water cycle missing then the water cycle wont be completed. Why? Well, we need all our parts to finish the water cycle. if evaporation was missing then there wont be condensation leading us to precipitation. Plant wont get water from the rain so plant would be dying. If plants die we then start loosing oxygen.
Can The Water Cycle Star At Any Stage
Well as we were taught when we were younger that the water cycle starts at evaporation and end at precipitation. But as we got older we started noticing that the water cycle can start at any stage. The water cycle is always circulating.
-Water vaporizes at a hundred degrees celsius
-Rain drops at a speed of 22 miles an hour
Im burning
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