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General James Wolfe

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me moi

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of General James Wolfe

History Project By: Kate, Gracie, Anson General James Wolfe Who was General James Wolfe? Where did General
Wolfe travel? How did General
Wolfe attack Quebec? When did General James Wolfe die. Why do we think General Wolfe was important? General Wolfe was
a British soldier
who led a campaign
to capture Quebec General Wolfe traveled from Britian
with a massive force.The fleet sailed
in single file up the st. Lawrence
river. Until they anchored near the
islands of Orleans, just down river
from Quebec. General Wolfe contemplated where to attack for a while but eventually, he decided. In July, Wolfe sent a force to attack the Beauport shore where the land gently slopes, but the french had foreseen this move and killed many of Wolfe's soldiers.Wolfe decided to make the French think he would attack there again.So obviously the French had most of their defense there.He actually attacked from the west. Then Wolfe sent up french speaking British soldiers to fool some of the guards to get behind enemy lines.That night Wolfe sent 5000 troops up the path to an open field where they intended for the battle to take place. What did Wolfe bring? General wolfe brought a massive force
- 22 gunships
- 27 frigates
- 80 transport ships
- 55 smaller ships
- 9000 soldiers
- 18 000 sailors
- 2000 cannons
- 40 000 cannonballs General James Wolfe was
born January 2nd, 1727 at
Westerham, Kent and lived
his life until he died
September 13, 1759 We think Wolfe is important
because if he hadn't devised his plan
there is a good chance we could be french.
He was also important because he was a very
strategic leader that led the British to victory.
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