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Ethics and Devience in Sport

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Scott Davies

on 17 June 2012

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Transcript of Ethics and Devience in Sport

Ethics and Deviance Springbok Initiation Doug Howlett Greg Valentino
Body Building How about Athletics? Before After Risks Muscle and bone injuries Infertility Heart disease Stroke and heart attack Prostate diseases Liver disease and cancer Aggression Cosmetic changes Birth defects What sport is this? Then what about this? In 2005, 137 German athletes brought a case against the German Olympic committee claiming that as children, they had been given massive doses of steroids in the former East Germany. Some suffer from depressions, muscle spasms, liver and abdominal problems.

Doping began from the age of 11. At age 14, they were given anabolic steroids. It quadrupled testosterone levels. Side effects included severe acne. The narrowing of the gap between NZ and the rest of the world, the decline of the progress in throwing events, generally appears directly related to the prospect that the world’s so called cheats were being caught or didn’t dope anymore. Swimming: 1989 East German women won 10 world championships, in 1992 they won 1. Doping in sport is not new.

It is believed that 3000 years ago South American Indians took stimulants (cocaine and caffeine) to aid endurance.

Ancient Greeks used hallucinogenic mushrooms to aid performance.

Nitroglycerine, which is used medically to dilate the coronary arteries and thus increase cardiac output, has been used by cyclists. CASE: June 1993, Oleg Kopjilov, Russian bodybuilder, was detained at Auckland Airport and
Found with 60 tablets of methandrostenolonum. This is identified as a body building drug.
The previous day, 3 men and 1 women from the British team were found carrying 340 tablets of 11 prescription only medicines.
The Russian told Police the drugs were used for diet control. He was released.
The British members were ordered to pay $100 each to the Salvation Army.
Organisers did not test competitors as they were “too expensive” at $400 a test. This is accepted in sport, although considered deviant in other spheres of society. Assault Speeding Ownership Who owns our athletes? ? Value for Money Deviance in Society What is Deviant Behaviour? Can sport participation be a cure? A study in 1986 suggested that only certain types of sports and sport participation can lower delinquency rates among young people.
34 young men aged 13 - 17 were tested for aggression and personality, then divided into 3 groups.
For six months each group met 3 times a week for training sessions with the same instructor.

Group 1: received traditional Tae Kwon Do training, taught with a philosophy emphasizing respect for self and others, the importance of physical fitness, self-control, patience, perseverance, responsibility and honour.

Group 2: received modern martial arts training, emphasising free-sparring and self-defence techniques. The coach provided no philosophy in connection with the training.

Group 3: received no martial arts training but jogged and played basketball and football with coaching and supervision What do you think the results were? Violating rules Committing fouls Substance abuse Team initiation Harassment Sexual misconduct Destroying property Blood doping Jack Lovelock Other examples of Blood doping? What is it? Substance Abuse Why? Discuss With the people next to you. And now get up, and tell someone else what you just heard. Cheating Examples Breaking the rules
Salary cap breaches
Weight restrictions
Match fixing
Corking of a bat EPO Sport Sociology 2011 What? What is Deviance? Define Any behavior, belief, or condition that violates significant social norms in society, OR within the group in which it occurs

Deviance refers to actions, traits, or ideas that fall outside a range of acceptance as determined by people with the power to enforce norms in a social world

Deviance in a sociological context describes actions or behaviors that violate cultural norms including formally-enacted rules (e.g., crime) as well as informal violations of social norms Your task

With a partner, rank these definitions in order of which one you like best So what is it? So what are some examples of Deviance in Society? And write it down So what about this? Drug Now write one of those ideas on the board Deviance in Sport Think of 3 examples of deviance in sport. Were they like these? Do we care? It's only Body Building. Is it ethical? Task
In the text to the right, find the following.

How much did a test cost?

Where were they caught?

What nationalities were involved? What have you used? Caffeine Powerband Anything Else Interesting Points
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