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Did you know genes can reveal a biological age that can be d

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gabe kennedy

on 20 January 2017

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Transcript of Did you know genes can reveal a biological age that can be d

Did you know genes can reveal a biological age that can be different from your actual age
How do they determine a persons biological age
Researchers can determine a persons biological age by looking at 150 of a persons genes which they call the persons "healthy age gene score" or "signature". These genes can determine the persons biological age which may be different from a persons chronological age.
How this relates to biology
This relates to biology because we learned about genes in class and how they are basically what makes up a person.
Why I chose this topic
I chose this topic because I found it kind of cool, something different, and something i didn't would be possible to determine.
What they did to get these findings
Researchers discovered this by conducting studies on healthy 65 year old to ensure that they where indeed staying healthy as they aged. The scientists found 150 genes that they used to calculate what they called a person's "healthy age gene score."

To verify that these scores did indeed track with people's health, the researchers tested out their method in a separate group of participants, who were all 70 years old. The scientists found that higher scores were indeed associated with better health. In particular, they found that patients diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease had lower healthy age gene scores.
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