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Secondary Leaders' Conference Presentation

No description

chris wilde

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Secondary Leaders' Conference Presentation

Knowledge is no longer in our heads...
...It's at our fingertips Learners are evolving They're coming to a school near you... We`re not here today to question the why, or the parenting skills These learners exist, and we will be teaching them very soon! Teachers used to hold all the power Because... Knowledge was power Teachers had it and shared it with their pupils However... Today`s learners have knowledge all around them They can access knowledge on the World
Web Anytime
Anywhere The world of technology is developing rapidly... Handheld Technologies are so last year! There is now a new classification of "Agile" Technologies Just Before Christmas... Apple's I-Tunes upgrade released I-Tunes U... Giving educational establishments the ability to create I-Tunes Channels... Their learning content feeds straight into I-Tunes Subscribe to a feed and... ...the class comes to them! The Power is Shifting Or rather Has Shifted Imparting knowledge is now a secondary function We need to teach our students how to learn... They need skills to be able to... ...process and evaluate the knowledge available to them As teachers do we lead in qualifying knowledge? And supporting their learning journey Students are no longer passengers We should see them as the crew!!! We therefore need to help our students become digitally literate... Cultural Cognitive Constructive Communicative Confident Creative Critical Civic “The nature of literacy in a culture is repeatedly redefined as the result of technological changes” Hannon 2000 “Functional internet literacy is not the ability to use a set of technological tools; rather, it is the ability to use a set of cognitive tools” Johnson 2008 “[Digital Literacy is] the awareness, attitude and ability of individuals to appropriately use digital tools...in order to enable constructive social action” DigEuLit project 2006 “Digital literacy must therefore involve a systematic awareness of how digital media are constructed and of the unique ‘rhetorics’ of interactive communication.” Buckingham 2007 “Modern society is increasingly looking to people who can confidently solve problems and manage their own learning throughout their lives, the very quality which ICT supremely is able to promote.” OECD 2001 “The creative adoption of new techniques requires teachers who are willing to take risks...a prescriptive curriculum, routine practices...and a tight target setting regime, is unlikely to be helpful.” Conlon & Simpson 2003 “Once we see that online texts are not exactly written or spoken, we begin to understand that cyberliteracy requires a special form of critical thinking. Communication in the online world is not quite like anything else.” Gurak 2001 The ability to understand and make use of ICT - digital literacy - is proving essential to employment success, civic participation, assessing entertainment and education.” Mehlman 2007 The 8 C's of Digital Literacy Let's consider Music... Meet Ruby Meet Sophie Building Blocks Amount of Human Knowledge Collaboration Collective learning has led to a new breed of computer Programme: You don't need to understand code to create a programme Now you deal with blocks that you piece together like a jigsaw! But what if I told you that it wasn't just computer programming that was using this "Collective Learning" to make things easier to "Code"??? and collaborate with people from accross the world... Jodie Picoult Learners are evolving Are you??? What are you doing? What are we doing? Are there any barriers? Where do we create opportunities?
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