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Heart surgery by robots - How have robots impacted on heart surgery

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piper foot-hill

on 17 June 2016

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Transcript of Heart surgery by robots - How have robots impacted on heart surgery

How have robots impacted on heart surgery?
By Piper Foot-Hill
In Britain there was a 22
year old man who was
the first person to have
heart surgery. The
doctors controlled the
robot from a station
which they can view
a 3D image of the heart.
First person to have heart surgery by a robot was in Britain.

The robotic heart surgery can get you back up and running. The robot cuts the bone to the heart 10 cm on each side of the bone so it can get into the heart to fix what ever is wrong.
This picture shows that the heart needs to be closer together so they are putting little cords in to help.
As you might be able to see it is the same thing as the other picture. The only difference is that the cord is a different colour.
This is showing that the robot is in the heart.
Here are the two parts of the heart.
5 Batten

Would you like a robot to operate on your heart?
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