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Red Bull

No description

Florian Färber

on 27 November 2014

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Transcript of Red Bull

Corporate Identity
Florian Färber
Max Schröher
1. Company History
Company History
1. How many cans were sold in the last year?
5,38 billion cans
2. How much revenue did red bull generate in the last year?
5,04 billion Euros
How much percent of its revenue is Red Bull investing in marketing ?
~ 33% percent
4. In which Country the Headquarter is located?
Austria, Fuschl am See
During a business trip in Thailand
Dietrich Mateschitz discovered the energy drink Kratin Daeng invented by Chaelo Yovidha, Mateschitz bought the international licensing rights
Dietrich and Yovidha founded Red Bull Gmbh and turned it into a global Brand, The Family Daeng still holds 51% of the Company
they modified the formula for Krating Daeng to better match European tastes
, the company introduced their adapted energy drink into Austria under the name Red Bull
In the early
's the brand expanded throughout Europe f.e. in Germany, Spain and Holland
they literally exploded into the American market, grabbing 75% of the market within a year

In the beginning of
Red Bull started many different projects f.e. Red Bull Cliff Diving, Music Academy, X-Fighters, Nascar, Records.. just to name a few.

Today Red Bull operates in 164 countries and employees over 8500 people, Red Bull remains the worlds most-consumed energy drink with 5,38 billion cans last year
2. Brand Identity - Corporate Identity
4. Marketing / Promotion

Corporate Identity
Product Range:
Red bull Engery Drink

Red Bull Cola,
introduced in 2008
Red Bull Engery Shot
Red Bull
Red, Silver, Blue Edition
Red Bull Zero Calories
Red Bull Sugar Free
self Image
: dynamic
: extreme sports
: creative
: lifestyle
young people
wants to be special
: music events
extreme sport events
sponsoring in athletes

: logo: two bulls are
fighting, strong and muscular

Red Bull Stratos 2012
3. Financial Overview
Financial Overview

billion cans of Red Bull were sold worldwide, increase of
% compared to the already very successful year in 2012.

The company's turnover rose from
billion euros for the first time over the
- billion - € mark on

Sales, turnover, productivity , and operating profits could be increased further and put out the current records in the company's history of red bull.

Main reasons for the positive numbers are the excellent sales performance in the Red Bull - markets of India, Japan , Turkey, Scandinavia , Russia and Brazil, consistent cost management and the continuation of corresponding brand investments.
US Sales market 2013
Marketing and Promotion
: -taste is unlike any other
-functional effect in comparison to other soft drinks

: -premium pricing strategy
- consumer pay higher price due the quality and benefits
: -sold in variety places, easy to obtain
- including retail outlets, food restaurants etc.
: -pushing boundaries of what is possible, give people wings
-support the talents of people so they can achieve their goals
Marketing and Promotion
above the line promotion
: deliver message to a wide audience f.e. with the Red Bull Tv advertisement
below the line promotion
: -Red Bull focus heavily developing BTL promotion
-they did not use traditional sponsorship

Red Bull create and organize its own events around the world f.e. Red Bull Cliff Diving or Red Bull X-Fighters

: -control all aspects of the event
-events enhanced Red Bull Visibility
-reinforced the brand Position
-unique events attracts media coverage
-creating awareness and interest in Red Bull Product

Innovations in Promotion
Red Bull Wings Team
team of students go out on the road in their Red Bull mini to help launch the product in new markets

offers a cold can of Red Bull to people in need of energy to demonstrate the product qualities at sport events. (very important part of marketing structure)

Student Brand Manager Program
individual Students helps activate a variety of events on the campus
f.e. parties hosted by red bull
...these creative projects aim to build brand loyalty by creating relationship with consumers
Digital and social media
- the core for all Red Bull campaigns

-channels of communication make word to mouth marketing even more effective
- direct and relevant lines of communication to the customers
- represented on all important social media platforms
Red Bull constantly creates new methods and techniques to engage with customers.
5. Advertising
Red Bull X Fighters
Red Bull Cliff Diving
Red Bull Paper Wings
Red Bull Flugtag
unlike other companies who investing much money to be present at famous sport events Red Bull is organizing its own sport events, located in the trend, extreme - or other niche sport sectors f.e. Red Bull X- Fighters, Red Bull Cliff Diving
"we do not sponsor, most of our events are invented by ourselves"
-Dietrich Mateschitz
today Red Bull also expands in popular sportarts
- 4 Red Bull football teams around the globus
RB Leipzig
RB New York
RB Salzburg
RB Brasil
- 2 formula one teams
Infiniti Red Bull Racing
Scuderia Toro Rosso
- EHC Red Bull München
German Ice-Hockey Team
6. Criticism
- countries such as Denmark, Norway and France decilined to approve Red Bull for sale within their boarders, situation changed in 2008
- "Öko-Test" tested in the year 2008 twenty energy drinks, Red Bull was grated at the penultimate place with the grade deficient ( 1x good, 13x sufficient, 4x deficient, 2x insufficient)
- unlike its slogan says, energy drink Red Bull doesn't actually "give you wings" , the company has agreed to pay out more than $13 million after settling a US class action lawsuit that accused Red Bull of making false and misleading advertising claims

7. Job Informations
Job Information
If you want to become a part of the Red Bull Wings Team or a Student Brand Manager you can apply at

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