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The Snuggie

No description

Joe LaForge

on 6 April 2014

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Transcript of The Snuggie

The Greatest Roman Politician and General
Marc Antony!!!
The Second Triumvirate
Marc Antony
Marcus Lepidus
Marc Antony
Rome Politician
Rome General
Part of the second Triumvirate
Founder of Rome

First Emperor of Rome

The Roman Peace
Marcus Lepidus
Roman Patrician

Highest Priest in ancient Rome
What is a Triumvirate
A triumvirate is a group of three men holding power over all
Why did the first fail?

One of the three members (Caesar) got too popular and the other two got scared, they tried to kill him but he instead led a civil war against the two men and won. Not legally binded
Why form a second?
Unlike the first Triumvirate the second was was official, and legally established. So it had a much higher chance to succeed
As a whole, they had complete and total power
Only check in place was they could only be in rule for 5 years at a time, then they must be voted back in.
How long did it last?
The second Triumvirate lasted two five year terms
Marc Antony's downfall
Spent most of his time in Egypt

Slept with Cleopatra

Very controversial
Marc Antony's will
Left most of his power with Cleopatra

Wanted to be buried in Egypt

Gave almost nothing to his wife Octavia
Marc Antony's Death
Octavian was very mad that Antony wanted to be buried in Egypt and Octavian made sure the Romans knew about it. Octavian led a war between Egypt and Rome.
Marc Antony's Death
Knowing certain defeat would come to Egypt Marc killed himself with Cleopatra in 31 B.C. Ending the Second Triumvirate
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