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Plot Diagram

No description

Kim Winters

on 30 August 2011

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Transcript of Plot Diagram

Finding Nemo Plot Diagram Exposition Rising Action Climax Falling Action Resolution Exposition Rising Action Climax Falling Action Resolution Introduction
Background of the story
Characters, setting, conflict introduced All events that build up to the climax
Actions drive characters
Tension builds The most important/critical part of the story
(usually the most exciting too!)
Decisions and actions of characters determine the outcome of the story Events that occurs after the climax
Conflict is unraveled Final outcome of the conflict is revealed
Loose ends are usually tied up Marlin & Dory meet Bruce, Chum, and Anchor
They attend a "party" and learn that "fish are friends, not food"
Marlin finds the fisherman's googles with the address on it
Bruce attacks Marlin & Dory
The bombs explode and Marlin & Dory get away
Nemo is put in the aquariam at the Dentist's office
We meet Gill, Peach, Bloat, Auntie Deb & Flo, Gurgle, Bubbles, Jacques, and Nigel
We Learn that Nemo is going to be Darla's present (the fish killer girl)
Nemo can get in and out of the filter
Marlin & Dory almost loose the googles but Dory reads the address & actually remembers it!
P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney
The aquarium fish initiate Nemo into their 'pack' and give him a new name: Shark Bate
Gill thinks of a plan to escape
Marlin & Dory continue their search & meet a school of fish that tell them the way to Sydney
Marlin & Dory swim over the trench and get attacked by Jellyfish
Marlin & Dory are both severly hurt by the Jellys
Nemo learns that all drains (the toilet) lead to the ocean
Nemo tries to clog the filter but it doesn't work
Marlin & Dory meet Crush & Squirt and end up riding the East Australian Current
Marlin learns that sea turtles live to be 150yrs old
Marlin's quest spreads throughout the ocean
Nigel hears that Marlin is looking for Nemo and tells the whole story to him
Nemo clogs the filter & makes it out alive!
Marlin & Dory end up in Sydney and have to ask a whale for directions
Marlin & Dory end up in the whale's mouth but make it out OK - Marlin learns that he needs to trust Dory
Nemo & the aquarium fish' plan fails because the dentist replaced the filter while they were sleeping
The dentist tries to catch Nemo but the fish swim down, however, the dentist tried again and puts Nemo in a plastic bag
Marlin & Dory almost get eaten by a pelican but Nigel saves them
Nigel takes Marlin & Dory to the dentist's office
Nemo pretends to go 'belly-up' to avoid Darla
Marlin sees Nemo belly-up and believes he is dead
Gill helps Nemo escape by flushing him down the drain
Marlin decides to go home and Dory stays
Dory looses her memory but then meets Nemo and it comes back to her Marlin & Nemo are finally reunited!
Dory gets caught in a fishing net
Nemo saves Dory by 'swimming down'
Marlin learns that he has to trust & believe in his son!
Dory is saved! Marlin, Nemo, and Dory make it back to the coral reef
Squirt goes to school with Nemo
Dory attends 'fish are friends' meetings with the sharks Nemo gives his dad a hug before going to school
Marlin tells his son to have an adventure!
And the aquarium fish make it to the ocean! Introduced to Marlin & his wife on the coral reef
Marlin's wife is killed
Marlin's eggs are all killed except one (Nemo)
Nemo's egg is damaged
Time passes
Nemo's first day of school
Lucky Fin
Nemo's taken by fishermen
Marlin takes off looking for Nemo
Marlin meets Dory
Dory has short-term memory loss
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