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Professional Skills Group

No description

Christina Wilkins

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Professional Skills Group

Problem Solution Efficient Cost-Effective Safe increased Technician training & responsibility more time for Pharmacists to counsel patients Lack of time Authority &
Responsibility when patient's do not take their medications as directed Non-adherence changing strength change dose neglect to refill abuse Pharmacist - Patient Counseling remember don't remember Basic Side-Effects significance of condition
medication efficacy
side-effects “to apply my knowledge, experience, and skills to the best of my ability to assure optimal drug therapy outcomes for the patients I serve" Pharmacist's Oath script volume 15% 85% Pharmaceutical Marketplace Reform Act of 1994 (I) The pharmacist must offer to discuss with each individual receiving benefits under this title or caregiver of such individual (in person, whenever practicable, or through access to a telephone service which is toll-free for long-distance calls) who presents a prescription, matters which in the exercise of the pharmacist's professional judgment (consistent with State law respecting the provision of such information), the pharmacist deems significant including the following:
`(aa) The name and description of the medication.
`(bb) The route, dosage form, dosage, route of administration, and duration of drug therapy.
`(cc) Special directions and precautions for preparation, administration and use by the patient.
`(dd) Common severe side or adverse effects or interactions and therapeutic contraindications that may be encountered, including their avoidance, and the action required if they occur.
`(ee) Techniques for self-monitoring drug therapy.
`(ff) Proper storage.
`(gg) Prescription refill information.`(hh) Action to be taken in the event of a missed dose. - Legally Pharmacists have to offer to counsel every patient

- However, patients have the right to refuse counseling services

- Pharmaceutical Marketplace Reform Act of 1994:
“Nothing in this clause shall be construed as requiring a pharmacist to provide consultation when an individual receiving benefits under this title or caregiver of such individual refuses such consultation.” The Missouri Revised Statutes, Chapter 338, Section 338-013 Any person desiring to assist a pharmacist in the practice of pharmacy as defined in this chapter shall apply to the board of pharmacy for registration as a pharmacy technician. Such applicant shall be, at a minimum, legal working age and shall forward to the board the appropriate fee and written application on a form provided by the board. Such registration shall be the sole authorization permitted to allow persons to assist licensed pharmacists in the practice of pharmacy as defined in this chapter. Pharmacist Technician -Healthcare Professionals

-Pharmaceutical Care “the direct, responsible provision of medication-related care for the purpose of achieving definite outcomes that improve a patient’s quality of life (ASHP).” (Taitel, Jiang, Rudkin, Ewing, & Duncan) (Michell & Selmes) Disease not treated...
decreased health,
admission to hospital/ER,
and even death
(Hepke) twice as likely to adhere to medication if they understand why (Mitchell and Selmes) Patient •Community pharmacists presenting to the Missouri Board of Pharmacy

•Asking the board to approve the Pharmacy Technician Initiative •Better-trained Technicians can handle more responsibilities
•Pharmacist would have time for more MTMs
•More MTMs would lead to better outcomes for patients
oAshville Project •Average cost of pharmacist per year: $120,000
•Average cost of technician per year: $27,000 •Certified technicians will make less mistakes
•More likely to catch others’ mistakes -Almost all had increased health benefits
-BP from 137.3/82.66 to 126.3/77.8
-LDL from 127.2 to 108.3 Healthcare Costs

Quality of Life Pharmacists counseled patients with chronic conditions Workflow Drop-off Pick-up Dispensing Consultation Pharmacist Technician Technician Pharmacist Technician - managing error-reduction efforts
- compounding medications
- double checking prescriptions - 600 hours of training
- didactic learning
- hands on experience in a laboratory
- work experience in a pharmacy setting (ASHP Intersections) Verify Pharmacist
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