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prayogosuroto suroto

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The Anglo Saxons timelines
307 B.C -1 B.C
A.D. 400-499:
- Romans left Britain (c. 409)
- Patrick brings Christianity to Ireland (c.432)
- Angles, Saxons and Jutes invade Britain (c.449)
- Roman Empire falls to Germanic tribes (c.476)

A.D. 1-399:
Historical or Cultural:
- Hadrian’s Wall constructed 117 km long (A.D. 122- A.D. 130)
- Londinium (London) founded as a Roman Supply port (c.50)
- Queen Boadicea leads her eastern British tribe in an uprising against the Romans (c. 61)
- Christianity proclaimed as lawful religion in the Roman empire (c. 313)

Historical or Cultural:
- Celts called "Brythons" live in Britain (300 B.C)
- Julius Caesar invades Britain (55 B.C)
- Cleopatra (Caesar's wife) becomes the last queen of Egypt (51 B.C)
Library events:
- Roman poet, Vigil was born ( 70 B.C)
- Alexandria is center of greek learning library under Ptolemy (307 B.C)
Literary Events:
- Scrolls throughout Europe began to be replaced by vellum books (c. 360)

- Roman poet Ovid writes Metamorphoses

A.D. 500-599

- Books printed using carved wooden blocks and ink (c.500)

- King Arthur rules Celtic tribes (c.516)
- King Arthur dies at the Battle of Camlann (c.537)
- Widespread plague reaches Britain from Europe (c.547)
- Saint Augustine converts Anglo-Saxon King Ethelbert and establishes monastery at Canterbury (c.597)

A.D. 600-699
- Hymns produced by Caedmon, earliest English Christian poet (c.670)
- Arabs discover the Library of Alexandria with 300,000 papyrus scrolls (c.640)

- Paulinus first Roman missionary to arrive in Northern England (c.601)
- Golden age of T’ang Dynasty begun in China (c.618)
- Mohammed begins to dictate the Koran (c.625)
- Egyptian caliphs introduce the first organized news and postal services (c.650)
- Synod of Whitby unites British Christian church with Roman church (c. 664)
A.D. 700-799
- Monks began the book of Kells (c.760)
- Compilation of Manyoshu about 4,500 Japanese poems
- The Venerable Bede, and English cleric writes the Ecclesiastical History of the English People (c.730)
- Beowolf first recorded (c.700)
Literary events
Historical events:
- Moors invade Spain (c.711)
- Pueblo period begins in Southwestern North America (c.750)
- Vikings invade Britain, beginning a century of invasions (c.793)
A.D. 800-899
Literary events:
- Anglo-Saxon Chronicle begun (c.891)
- Composition of the Poetic Edda, a famous cycle of Norse
mythological poems (c.850)
Historical or cultural Events:
- Charlemagne crowned emperor of the West by Pope Leo III (c.800)
- Alfred the Great becomes king of England (c.871)
-Danes forced out from Wessex (c.878)

A.D. 900-1066
Literary events:
- Lady Murasaki Shikibu writes the world first novel, The Tale of Genji(c.1000)
- The Exeter Book, collection of English poetry first copied (c.975)

Historical or Cultural events:
- High King Brian Boru drives the Danes from Ireland at the Battle of Clontarf (c.1014)
- Normans defeat Saxons, William the conqueror becomes English King (c.1066)
Literary events :
Historical or cultural events:
Literary events:
Historical or cultural events:
By: Pra & Henokh
Thanks folks!
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