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King Arthur

No description

Matt D.

on 8 May 2011

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Transcript of King Arthur

King Arthur
The Great Quest for Excalibur Knights are called to compete in
a great tournament to be the king of Logres. Arthurs big brother is participating in the tournament. His brother forgot his sword.
Then he commanded him to
go home and fetch his sword. Arthur home was locked. He went to the white where the sword was. He pulled the sword out of the stone. Arthur ran to the tournament and gave the sword to his brother. His brother asked where he got the sword. Arthur told his brother that he pulled it out of the stone. His brother told his dad that he is the true king of Logres. His dad asked Arthur and his brohter
who really pulled out the sword. His brother said that Arthur
pulled out the sword and gave it to him. His dad said put the sword back into the
stone. Once the other knights heard
the news they opposed that Arthur is the true King of Logres. Most of the knights were angered
because they weren't King of Logres. They asked Arthur to pull out the sword. Once he pulled out the sword and
everyone witnessed it.
All the people who saw
it believed Arthur is the true King of Logres. Arthur then met Merlin. Merlin said that Arthur must find his sword. Once Arthur found Excalibur he began his quest to bring law and peace in all of Logres.
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