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Textron/Bell Helicopter

No description

Zach Doerr

on 3 November 2015

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Transcript of Textron/Bell Helicopter

TEXTRON - Bell Helicopters
E-commerce&The Global Marketing Environment
Understanding Consumer Behavior
The Bell 525 Relentless is the chopper of the future. It incorporates new Fly-by-Wire technology to give the pilot control like never before. We've implemented never before seen GPS and communication technology to give the pilot more information than ever while flying and new tail boom technology to improve hovering control.
Creating Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

Textron's Vision
Satisfaction & loyalty improvement plan:
Our Marketing Research Areas
How Does Bell Create Satisfaction & Loyalty?
Customer Satisfaction level is a customer's positive, negative or neutral feeling about the value received from what Bell provides.

Customer Loyalty is how often a customer chooses Bell, versus other competitors.
What are these things?
Marketing Research Process
What Social Class are we appealing to?
The members of a social class tend to share qualities such as occupation status, income, and values.
Since Bell provides advanced aircraft for large organizations, we tend to appeal to government funded organizations and other large companies that have a large amount of expendable money.
Exploratory Research Design
Exploratory research
the issue at hand and searches for a way to resolve it.
General Observation
- A simple observation of how consumers are using their products and why our helicopters don't have a competitive edge.
Case Analysis
- Using this in depth study of a few examples to probe deeper and use this tool to study the competition.
Quantitative Research Design
Engage directly with the customer using
quantitative research
in the form of personal interviews.
This will show our consumers we are commitment to them.
Problem Definition
The first step in the marketing research process.
The steps Bell Helicopter will take in order to define the source of our problem is as follows:
our companies ethical code to help refresh our views.
who are competitors are and what they provide that we do not.
This will help us come up with new and innovative ways to give us a competitive edge.
Parent Company's Customer Ranks
Bell does not have specific customer satisfaction scores, but it's parent company, TEXTRON does.
*Note: These scores are slightly diluted for Bell because TEXTRON has other companies under it, not in the helicopter industry.
In this study each customer rates 17 attributes twice to rate TEXTRON's performance. The scores you will see show the percentile ranks of 12 delivery scores. These are not identical to traditional satisfaction scores, but are very similar.
These ratings are very good in comparison to the industry average in many areas, but there is still room to become excellent!
Improvement in any single attribute may drive more revenue, but this may not drive increased profit. Think about why!
Source: W-Ratings, the W Report http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CCwQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.wratings.com%2Fprivate%2FautoReportBot.php%3Fcid%3D461&ei=xq5cUv7fKMbzqQHt2YC4Bg&usg=AFQjCNEL0Oc9DxAQwLu2z4cdP5tNClq4yg&sig2=EvvnhacyhxZj0Rv9fQCyag&bvm=bv.53899372,d.aWM
What is the most ethical & effective way to gain grounds on our competitors?
Consider past reasons. How did we get to this point?
Consider why our helicopters are the top choice of our consumers.
Consider satisfaction ratings and the new innovative technologies that our competitors are using that we haven't adopted yet.
Custom Engineered, Developed and Created Products across aviation, manufacturing, and financial services
Business Definition
Pursuit of Excellence
Strategic Business Units:
Cessna -
Planes and Jets
Financial Services
Supports other divisions
Core Competencies
Strong Research and Development
Fastest Innovation
Flexibility for Customers
Dominate Strategy
This chopper was designed for the World's best pilots, and the best pilots want the best choppers. They're motivated to be the best pilots they can be and with a helicopter like the 525, they can get more out of their flying than ever before.
Our customers are processing unique stimuli like the sound of rotating blades, seeing a top of the line GPS unit to give them all pertinent information about flying, and feeling an efficient and controlling throttle. Our customer's selective exposure is very prominent, and a very small group will see our ads. Helicopters are very high-involvement purchases and customers who do research on helicopters will find our information without the use of advertisement.
Ideas and Improvements
Keying on our customer's motivation to be the best pilots on Earth, we need to improve visibility at night. Too often pilots complain and even crash because of poor visibility. Pilots use lights of a city to find their way but when this light is not present, pilots can be flying blind. While the Garmin G5000H provides extremely accurate information regarding weather and ground layout, it fails to provide better vision at night. I suggest we implement a setting on the screen of the flight deck that provides the pilot with an infrared view of what lies ahead and below, as well as a night vision setting. This setting will continue to satisfy the pilot's motivation to have the safest and most responsive helicopter on the planet.
Marketing Information & Research

Impact of E-commerce and Social Media
How does the Organization use E - Commerce and Social Media
Bell Helicopter don't have E-commerce because helicopters are expensive, people can' t trade online
However, bell helicopter do use social media, they has their Facebook page, Linkedin; Twitter as well as YouTube
What level of consumer involvement do our customers engage in?
Purchasing a Bell helicopter would be considered a large investment for any company.
It is important to research consumer involvement because it will help us understand our consumers decision making process.
Researching could help us identify ways to make this process easier.
What Competitive advantage does bell helicopter have on its use of Social Media
Bell Helicopter uses social media such as Facebook; Linkedin; Twitter and YouTube
Their advertisement on YouTube has been watched for 300,000 times. it is the way for their promotion to influence potential customers
Example of how Cloud Computing is useful for your organization
Bell helicopter has its official website,people can use web portals like Google to access their website. There are information about their product; how to contact them as well as how to be their suppliers on their website
Industry Structure Analysis
Potential Entrant s

Intermediaries & Buyers
Rivalry Among Existing Firms

Forces Driving Industry Competition
Rivalry Among Existing Firms
Robinson Helicopter

USA : Sikorsky Aircraft
Europe: AgustaWestland
Eurocopter Group
Low potential Entrants because of high cost

Potential Entrants
Intermediaries and Buyers
Some wealthy people would like to purchase helicopter. There are some buyers profile on Linkedin,also on CareerBliss indicated that the buyers for bell helicopter earn $60k annually
Also, the buyer for bell helicopter might be some big companies

Buyer Profile at Linkedin:

Helicopter is difficult to substituted, private jet might be a choice for substituted
Bell's Target Market Segment:
Para Public (police enforcement)
Hospitals (hems)
Marketing Variables:
Life Style
Bell mass customizes helicopters to help our consumers do their job better and segmenting them based on certain characteristics is the best way to accomplish this.

Para Public Customer Positioning Map
Differentiation is shown through:

Market Strategy
High cost/High Value products
Unique, functional, specialized products
Marketing Strategy
Less than .01% of the population owns or flys a Helicopter
Team #1- Textron
Zachary Doerr - A45681578
Casey Hogarth - A44759985
Garrett Robinson - A45259850
Yingqian Chen - A44111406
Jenna Barningham- A43339438
Brand Management & Product Decisions
Goods, Services & Nonprofit Marketing
Product Innovation & Management
Integrated Marketing Communications
Mass Communications: Advertising, Sales Promotion, & Public Relations
Personal Selling
Pricing Objectives & Strategy
Brand Awareness
Aircraft used by our U.S. Military at War
Known to have a
better lift
Developed the tilt rotor aircraft that is widely known.
Brand Loyalty
repairs and customer service
Bell shares in the
with the customers by offering a solution that guarantees a negotiated level of cost.
Perceived Quality
when operating a Bell Helicopter
Ability to continually
Brand Associations
to giving, ethical acts, corporate governance & diversity
to our customers
Competitive Advantage
brightest employees
to better the product
First to obtain
for a commercial helicopter
Brand Equity
What goes into Bell's Brand Strategy?
It is important to hold positive associations with our brand by offering standout service.
Readers of Professional Pilot Magazine have ranked Bell Helicopter's customer service and support first for 18 years in a row.
Links our great products back to our parent company, Textron, which offers more than helicopters.
Trademark Piracy
Bell has recently discovered a number of instances in which individuals have taken data plates with Bell's registered trademarks from destroyed aircraft and used them on aircraft that were assembled entirely from parts. To address this issue, bell held a nationwide campaign to eliminate piracy of it's famous trademark.

Organizational Benefits from Brand Equity
Constant focus on adding additional value and making helicopters more technologically advanced.
Specific focus on brand equity that earns respect from investors, customers, and employees.
Textron is also committed to improving the quality of life in their surrounding communities with a focus on corporate giving.
Winning multiple awards and supplying machines for the United States Military is a great association people often think of when they think of Textron's Bell Helicopter.
The Continuum of Goods and Services
Option to purchase company clothing
Technical Publications
Goods with Services
Helicopters are supported with maintenance.
Option to customize
Half Goods, Half Services
Services with Goods
Helicopters come equip with navigation systems & information center to make this good functional.
Almost Pure Services
Financing Options
Services/Safety Programs
Marketing Strategy
Search Qualities
Experience Qualities
Customers can determine the amount of satisfaction they get from out helicopters and decide if it meets or exceeds their expectations.
Bell strives to keep customers fulfilled and will listen to their opinions and suggestions so our helicopters will be easier to operate.
The main way in which our customers decide upon our brand.
Customers will evaluate us and other helicopter manufacturers to decide which one they want to make their purchase from.
With our reputation of quality and dependability, our customers will be satisfied even after the purchase.
Types of Mass Communication Activity

Media Options Bell Helicopter


Bell helicopter doesn't use sales promotion or public relation, because
High manufacturing costs
Customers needs evaluate before purchase so it is hard to stimulate immediately purchase
Bell helicopter use advertising for promotion
Bell helicopter public the news on their Facebook page, which attracted thousands of followers
Bell helicopter also posts their pictures and the feedback of their customers on the twitter page
Bell helicopter's ads are popular on YouTube
Newspaper; Radio and Mobile

should be placed on low important scale lever, because it is hard to target their intended demographic
Television; Outdoor ads
should be placed on the middle level of important scale since it is not easy to target to specific group and the costs on television is high

Almost Pure Goods
Internet; Social media and Magazines
should be placed on the high level on the scale because they were low cost and also can be target to specific group of people
V-22 Osprey Campaign
Magazine Ads
Unlimited capabilities:
Extraction and rescue, mid-mission refueling, or tactical insertion
Provide Information - Bell Helicopters get the job done right
Create Demand - create a boost to the customer's ego
Communicate value - Provides stability and efficiency for customers
communicate product uniqueness - more capable than any other helicopter
close the sale - provides a website with information of every model
Build relationships - offers repair services around the world
Communication Objectives
Bell consistently expands their lines of Helicopters
Bell's Dominant Product Strategy
Product Planning / Innovation Strategy Types
Innovation Types
Continuous Innovation
Minor alteration to existing product
Dynamically Continuous Innovation
Alteration enabling consumers to act differently using that product.
Discontinuous Innovation
An entirely new product with new functions
IE. New Helicopter interiors
IE. Better fuel efficiency to helicopters require less stops
The Bell V22 Osprey with multi-rotor technology
The Bell 30 of 1943!
Growing Ever Sense
Nearly a century after Bell's inception, a mature line exists for Military, Corporate, EMS, Oil, and Public Safety!
In this phase sales fall and profits waver; Bell has not reached this phase yet and is sitting nicely in the Mature phase.
Product Life Cycle
Source: http://www.helis.com/timeline/bell.php
Bell begins creating lines for military
Bell's Selling Strategy
Personal Selling = Highly Leveraged
Citation: http://www.textron.com/about/our-businesses/>
Technical Salesperson
Detail Salesperson
Citation: <http://www.thefreelibrary.com/Bell+Helicopter+Announces+Anti-Piracy+Campaign.-a055573944>
Ryan Denton
Bell Helicopter Sales Representitive
What is the typical sales cycle?
Three to Five Years
Qualifying --> Delivery
Customer Acquisition Process?
Nine out of ten were prospected
Majority were referrals
What Types of Customers?
9-18 months Manufacturing time for up front purchase
1. Industry (EMS, Oil Rigs, TV)
2. Government
3. Elite Rich Individuals
Customer ride-alongs
Explains helicopter capabilities to potential pilots
Engineering knowledge and background
Negotiates Financial details
Works with decision makers
Differentiation and Strategy
Value-Based Pricing Structure







Low Price Sensitivity due to specialized nature of product
Average Bell 429 price = $5.2 million
Difficult to differentiate

Customer Intimacy
" [All products are support by] Bell Helicopter's renowned in-service support, voted #1 by our customers for nineteen years running"
- BellHelicopter.com
"Bell differentiates through Quality of Service"
-Ryan Denton, Sales
Customer Value Propositions
Product Leadership
Consistently Outranks other brands in Quality tests
Mission statement:
To provide customers with innovative, world-class training solutions that enhance their ability to safely and efficiently perform their missions.
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