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East of Eden

No description

John Morales

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of East of Eden

Written by John Steinbeck Summary:
This is a story of two brothers, Caleb and Aron. The story begins with Samuel Hamilton and his family moving to the Salinas Valley in northern California, with the Trask family joining them soon after. Summary Continued:
Adam Trask and his wife Cathy move to the valley after issues in their previous home of Connecticut. Adam was originally living there with his brother, Charles, and his father, Cyrus, but the family had many issues. Charles resented Adam because Cyrus loved Adam more, and their issues only got worse after Cyrus died and left them both an inheritance. Summary Continued:
Adam then encountered a young girl named Cathy who had been badly beaten and had crawled to the Trask house. He married Cathy soon after, but she drugged him on their wedding night and then went to bed with Charles. After the wedding, Adam and Charles were unable to continue living peacefully together and Adam and Cathy moved to the Salinas Valley in California. Summary Continued:
In California, Cathy learns that she is pregnant and tries to abort the pregnancy to diminish her ties to Adam. However, the abortion is unsuccessful and she gives birth to twin sons Aron and Caleb. But Cathy, being a vicious, cold, and manipulative person, does not care for the infants, and has an extreme disdain for the household. Summary Continued:
One day, Cathy decides to shoot Adam and abandon her family. Cathy moves into the city of Salinas, where she starts work at a brothel, eventually taking control of it. Cathy, now serving as the Madam, begins blackmailing her clients while Adam is kept in the dark about her new life. Summary Continued:
As time progresses, Aron mirrors his father’s kind heart while Cal appears to have inherited Cathy’s dark side. After Adam discovers the truth about Cathy, he visits the brothel and proves that he is stronger than her temptation. The twins then enter school, and Aron becomes involved with a corrupt city councilman’s daughter named Abra. Unfortunately, Cal discovers the truth about his mother, and after going into a religious fervor, he believes that his mother’s inherent evil has been passed on to him. Summary Continued:
Meanwhile, Adam squanders his inheritance from his father, and while Aron is off at Stanford University, Cal tries to regain the family’s fortune, eventually making thousands of dollars. Adam misses Aron terribly while he is at college, and quickly becomes melancholic. Cal decides to present his father with the family fortune at Thanksgiving, thinking that this would hopefully bring his father cheer. Summary Continued:
When Thanksgiving finally arrives, Aron surprises his father by returning home. Unfortunately, Adam shows more joy for Aron's return than he does for Cal’s present of the money. From there, everything around the characters shatters and goes downhill, leaving their lives irreparably damaged. Why is it a classic?
It’s a classic take on the biblical story of Cain and Abel and Adam and Eve, and has the well-known struggle between good and evil, and right and wrong. Most of the characters are trying to do the right thing, but there are also many evil events in the plot. It allows the reader to analyze the good and evil in themselves by identifying with the characters. Who should read it?
People that like a constant turn of events will enjoy this book. Almost every character is neither completely good nor completely bad, and their actions continuously surprise the audience. By the end of the story, you get a deeper understanding of how the character’s think, but their final actions in the book may keep you guessing as to why they did what they did. Who shouldn’t read it?
People that like a happy ending should stay away from this book. The plot is filled with many brutal and depressing events, and almost no character is truly ever happy. From murders to war, there is never a lack of unfortunate events. Some people may also not be able to enjoy the plot because of the extreme actions of good and bad that might not seem realistic by today’s standards. Character Descriptions:
Cyrus Trask – Father of Charles and Adam. Adam figure to his sons.
Alice Trask – Mother of Charles.
Charles Trask – Son of Cyrus and Alice. Cain figure of his generation.
Mrs. Trask – Mother of Adam.
Adam Trask – Son of Cyrus and Mrs. Trask, father of Caleb and Aron. Adam figure to his sons, Abel figure of his generation. Character
Descriptions Cont.
Cathy (Catherine, Kate) Trask – Ex-wife of Adam, mother of Caleb and Aron. Eve figure to her sons.
Caleb (Cal) Trask – Son of Adam and Cathy. Cain figure of his generation.
Aron Trask – Son of Adam and Cathy. Abel figure of his generation.
Samuel Hamilton – Family patriarch, friend and mentor of Adam Trask, husband of Liza, father of Olive and 8 other children.
Olive Hamilton – Daughter of Samuel, mother of narrator. Cain kills Abel 1955 Movie Trailer Adam and Eve
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