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Welcome to the Captain Shreve Library Orientation

No description

Annette Williford

on 14 August 2015

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Transcript of Welcome to the Captain Shreve Library Orientation

Welcome to the Captain Shreve Library Orientation

Library Info
Library Rules and Procedures
No food or drink in the library.
Use student door only.
Leave backpacks at door, but not purses.
You must have a pass from your teacher to
come to the library during class.
Computer Use
Check out the
Captain Shreve Library page
at www.captainshreve.com
for more information.
Check-out Rules
Must show Captain Shreve ID
May only check-out 3 books for 2 weeks
Fines are 25cents per day
Library Services
Printing is 10 cents per page
Color printing is 25 cents
Copies are 10 cents per page
Must complete acceptable use policy.
Computers are for school related work only.
Please do not change the settings on the computers
Save all of your work to Share 1
No gaming, chat rooms, or social media.
Graphic novels
College Resources
Library Search

Librarians are Mrs. Williford and Mrs. Echols.
Ms. Williams is the library clerk.
Library Hours
Monday to Friday
7:45 to 4:15
Library is open at lunch!
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